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Everything we need to know about Resort Towels

Resort Towels

The word vacation always gives a feeling of excitement and leaves goose bumps. Vacations are fun, it is the time when you unwind yourself with your friends and family and get a nice time off from the hectic lifestyle that we live in.

Every individual has their way, preference, and style for spending vacations. Some people prefer spending their time in big malls and shopping away. They call it therapy. Others might not be up for this idea and they would rather go to the beach or will go hiking up in the mountains. Whatever you prefer, your vacation should fulfill the purpose; and that is, to distress you.

Not everyone gets the chance of living their dream vacation, so whatever place you decide, make the most of it and make memories to cherish forever.

The new addition to a vacation spot is Resorts now. How Resort is different from a regular Hotel? Well, a resort has more land to itself. Also, it has several activities that the vacationer would like to do and indulge in during his stay at the resort. The resort can be made on an island or in a sea or at the farm side areas too. It just needs some recreation ideas, amazing food, and other activities. Have you ever been to a resort? So when we talk about vacation, what are some things that pass our brain before leaving for the gun getaway?

Necessities on Top of the list

We always plan ahead and then implement it. Vacations have the same process. Make a basic list of necessities for a trouble-free vacation.

Always read and research about the place you are leaving for

Check the weather at the vacation spot to avoid any confusion for the packing of your bags

Check your hotel services, be sure if they are providing you the things that you will need at the hotel

Ask your friends and family who have been there before you to learn about their first-hand experience

Keep a check on necessities such as towels, brushes, and water is it is available at the hotel or the resort or not

What is a Resort Towel?

Did you know that resort towels at Resort are different from the one we use at home? Well, they are much soft and plushy for sure and if one has ever been to a resort will know that they are surely customized. They have different kinds of designs and interesting borders that make the towels look nice. Resort towels will also be all in the same color and they look like a small towel family. Get them changed and you will get the same design and color again of whatever that particular resort has decided upon.

Luxurious Feel

Who doesn’t like to have a little feeling of getting pampered or having that luxurious feeling on a vacation? We all love to get a little fancy on the vacation. Resorts play an important role in their clients’ psychology and they know what the vacationer needs. They make sure that the stay is as pleasant as possible to turn their client into a retaining customer.

Be sure of the hygiene practices at the hotel

A resort is a place where people from all over the world come and stay. The room that you booked and the things that are being used by you in that room have been used by someone else before. Resorts and hotels have their laundry and sanitization systems.

The sheets, floor, electronic appliances are all cleaned and sanitized before the next family comes in for their vacation. How to make sure that things such as towels are properly washed and cared for? Towels are that one thing where you need to be sure that they are super clean because we touch our faces with them and clean our hands. The fibers in them can carry germs and can cause serious infections to individuals and the whole family.

One thing to keep in mind is to always check the resort or the hotel’s reviews. Many times there are things that are not mentioned on the website and you get to know about them by genuine reviews given by people who have been there. Of course, you don’t want any kind of surprises on your vacation.

Go through the cleaning process or the procedure, the hygiene protocols of the resort on their website. If this kind of information is not available on their website, then a phone call mentioning your concerns is always a good idea.

Most wanted material, soft and healthy for the skin

Talking about the material of the Resort Towels, there are many materials that the towels can be made into. Starting from Egyptian Cotton to Turkish Cotton fabrics. Most resort towels are made from premium 100% pure cotton since it is lightweight and also is extra absorbent.

Some resorts also use towels that are a blend of cotton and polyester. If the resort is on a budget, then this is something where they will save their money from. Ring Spun Cotton is also a good option.

The feel of the towel here will be a little silky and it is durable so you don’t have to worry about that. Open End Cotton is 100% cotton makeup and is also affordable. The most wanted material in resort towels is 100% cotton which is extra absorbent, soft and it cannot be compared to the fabrics that are blended. Dries out fast and light in weight too.

You will also find borders in resort towels. The borders are an inch to an inch and a half. Resorts go for strips, checkers, and sometimes a dobby border on their resort towels. The borders make the towels more durable and also gives it a nice look, different from the regular everyday towels that we use back home.

Resort Towel Weight

When you are on a vacation and that too on an exotic resort, you surely don’t want to carry heavy things in your hand. People use a lot of towels at a place like a resort where there are pool and water games at the venue. If your resort towel weight is too much, you will not carry it to the pool or any other place in the resort. So, these vacation destinations have to keep in mind of the weightage of the resort towels and might as well invest in a lightweight one.

Lightweight towels weight almost 5 lbs. to 10 lbs. per dozen whereas, as the towel gets heavy the weight reaches 15 lbs. to approximately 20 lbs. per dozen. Medium weight wholesale resort towels are the to-go towels, they weigh from 15 lbs. to 17 lbs. This is a standard hotel and resort towel weight, not too thick and not too thin.

Medium weight resort towels absorb nicely as compared to the thin ones and are plushier too. They are easy to carry and will serve its purpose well.

NO OCD, the fold is perfect!

The whole look and feel to the extravagant resort feel also includes the fun folds of the resort towels. It is an art that most people are not able to accomplish at home. The folding also brings extra style to your room or suite booked. It is all part of the resort experience. You will find that the different resort towels will be folded as neatly as it can be on your bathroom slab, on the rack, and near the tub.

Each area will have a nice folded resort towels ready to be used. How you wished to also make that fold at home! If you are there to enjoy your Honeymoon then be ready to witness some unique towel art on your bed and maybe if you are lucky, in your bathroom as well.

Swan Kissing Resort Towels

Swans kissing made out of towels is a signature towel art for most of the resorts and hotels and it never goes wrong. Resort Towels origami is becoming the latest trend and is often done by housekeepers at the resort for the guests as a welcome gesture to their vacation destination. It adds a personal touch to the room you have booked and also brings out the excitement in many.

resorts bulk resorts Everything we need to know about Resort Towels

The Resort Towels Family

Resort towels at the resort come in different shapes and sizes. From the large bath towel to the hand towel, the size varies. They are a whole pack of towels that are meant for a room or a suite and each towel is used differently. They come in standard sizes, which means that you won’t find much difference in the towels from one resort to the other.

Wash Cloths

The standard size for a Resort Wash Cloths is 13 * 13 inches while in some resorts you will also find 12 * 12 inches. These towels are the smallest in the Resort Towel Family and are used by guests to clean their faces when they come back to their room. They can be steamed and placed on your head as well. Use them with an ice pack if you need a cold pack on your shoulder or neck.

Hand Towels

As the name suggests these are particularly for drying off your face and your hands after washing them. The ones we use at home right beside the sink are usually hand towels. It is a very convenient size. It cannot be used as a bath towel or as a washcloth. The standard size of the resort hand towels is 16 * 30 inches.

Bath Mats

Resort Bath mats serve a towel rug in the resorts. They are placed on the floor to prevent slipping and helps in keeping the floor dry when you come out of the shower. Always place them near your shower to prevent slipping on the floor which may cause severe injuries. Squeeze your hair and dry your body on the bath mat so that all the excess water drips on the mat and not on the floor. The standard size of a bath mat is 22 * 36 inches.

Bath Towel

The standard size of a resort bath towel also known as the resort towel is 27 * 54 inches. They may vary a little from one resort to another. These are bigger and you can easily wrap your kids and yourself in it after a long hot steam bath. It is made out of 100% cotton so it is highly absorbent and will dry you off fast.

Bath Sheets

Resort Bath sheets are almost the same as what bath towels are. These sheets are the largest in the Resort Towel Family and add in extra coverage. Bath sheets are easily foldable. These are often tied up at the waist and guests enjoy some lounge walk or a coffee in their bath sheet to feel at ease and to relax. The towel has the same absorbency as the bath towel has. Many vacationers have bath sheets as the most wanted item on their vacation list.

Go Fancy in a Robe

 Open that cupboard in your room and you might find a Bathrobe! Bathrobes are many people’s favorite. They are loved by kids and are easily wearable for elders as well. It comes with a belt that goes around your waist and has sleeves attached. The overlapped collars at the front and the body length robe covers you from top to bottom. Robes get heavy with water and you might want to take them off after some time and wouldn’t want to carry that extra weight with you.

Research has shown that many people find wearing bath robes as a stress releaser. They are the fanciest attire on the resort and people just love to indulge and experience the robe. You will find many guests at the poolside getting a good tan under the sun with a robe on, or just enjoying a walk in the soft robe with fresh lemonade in hand.

Some Resort Towel Hacks for fun

resorts room Everything we need to know about Resort Towels

Room humidity

Create your humidifier by the towels in your room. Just wet your towel nicely and make sure you wring all the extra water from the towel. Place the towel near your bed, on an iron stand, or maybe in the side table, and there you go, you just made the air in your not so dry anymore.

Dry your gadgets

Worried that your expensive gadgets got a little water inside them. Dry them up on a washcloth or an extra hand towel. Just keep all the things separately on the towel and dry them with a hairdryer. All the excess water will be absorbed in the towel underneath.

Make a heating pad yourself

Having a headache and don’t seem to have your medicines with you or a bad cramp in your stomach. Steam the towel using the electric kettle in your room which most resort rooms have and place the towel on the affected area of the body. The towel will work as a heating pad and will work around your sore muscles. It will work wonders if you have a frozen shoulder or a backache on the vacation.

Make it a Yoga Mat

Use your Bath Sheet as a yoga mat! Missing your everyday working out hours, you can work out in your suite and relax on the bath sheet.

Spray your favorite perfume

If you like your linens and towels to have a little scent in them, you can always spray some interior perfumes in any scent that you want. The experience will be pleasant and relaxing at the same time.

Search for Hotel reviews, prepare beforehand

To have all of the above experiences, be sure to prepare yourself, search, read reviews, and then pack your bags for the ultimate vacation spot you had been dreaming of. 

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