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How Does Color-Coding Towels Help In Salons

Salon Color Coding

Color Coding Salon Towels

Ever wondered why desk organizers are selectively colored? Or why folders come with color-coded tags which can be used as a key to classify different categories? 

Colors have been proven by research to aid comprehension and information acquisition in specific circumstances. Not only has highlighting influenced the culture of academic researching by bringing in positive reinforcements for learning, but has gone on to show how effective color-based classification can be. 

The same theory could be applied to salons as well. With an array of services and treatments being provided, the need for classification in salons has increased.  

The use of towels in salons is probably the largest in any service-oriented industry. With growing awareness in individuals about personal hygiene and the hazards of not adhering to fundamental rules of maintaining hygiene, the need for color-coding towels has hiked. 

Apart from this, usage of color-coded towels in beauty salons can also help ease functional difficulties that arise in the daily business.

Here is how salons can improve their business by coloring more than just hair and nails. 

  1. Used/Unused

With a constant influx of customers walking in and out of the salon all day, it is quite challenging to manage minor functional details. One of the many problems that land salons in a client’s bad books is using a used towel for another client. 

It takes years to build a reputation for your salon and minutes to ruin it!

In order to avoid leaving disgruntled customers with nothing but bad reviews about your services, it is advisable to keep a wide range of colored towels so that it becomes easier to remember which colored towel was used for each client.

 It would also help to contain color-coded laundry baskets for each type of towel in order to direct clients better where to leave their used towels

  1. Treatments

It is also helpful if different kinds of treatments are classified into distinct families of colors so that towels are assigned to each accordingly. 

For instance reserving pink towels for pedicures, blue for manicures, white for massages and green for facials would instantly alert a worker when using a pink towel for the face! 

How this enhances the process is by minimizing the extent of damage in case of mishaps. 

  1. Sizes

Keeping a variety of sizes also helps optimize the use of towels and prevents wastage. Nail painting doesn’t require a full-sized bath towel (if any) as compared to a hair treatment. A smaller hand or face towel would do the job much better. 

Similarly, using a small sized towel during a full body massage can be inconvenient since it provides less coverage. Different sizes not only help with organizing activities around the salon better but also restrict wastage of a perfectly clean, large-sized towel for just wiping hands. A variety of sizes allow for efficient allocation of towels to different services.

  1. Textures

Textures of towels can vary according to its GSM, manufacturing and fiber. Some salon procedures require soft and heavy luxury towels whereas some only need to have one with moderate absorbency without any preferred texture. This can be the case with pedicures which do not require the softest and most absorbent of towels. A low GSM towel would serve equally well in wiping off feet. A facial treatment on the contrary requires a towel with extra softness in order to avoid irritation or inflammation. 

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