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Will my towels keep their shape?

Will my towels keep their shape?

No matter where you buy them, both after one washing and over time, 100% cotton towels will shrink. Ours don’t shrink a ton, but after a trip through the dryer, they will be smaller. That’s what makes our blended towels, made of 86% cotton and 14% polyester such a popular choice.

The blended bath towels retain their shape and size no matter how many times through the wash, and they also last for many more washings. Even after repeated washings, your blended towel will look a lot like a brand new cotton version.

Our blended towels are a great feeling towel, and a better looking towel that will last longer. Of course, for many folks, nothing beats the feel of cotton. We have hundreds of choices of both for you on our towel page.

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