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Why wholesale towels are a great investment for your business

Why wholesale towels

Do you own a business, such as a golf pro shop, automotive shop, beach towel store, nursing home, golf course, e,t.c. You know it is important to have wholesale towels in your supply. They are an essential part of any commercial setting and can be used for everyday tasks like cleaning up spills or wiping down equipment. Even if they’re not being used, wholesale towels will make your establishment look cleaner and more professional by providing customers with a clean surface to sit on. Here are some reasons why wholesale towels are worth investing in for the future of your company:

You’ll save money by buying wholesale because you’ll get higher quality products at a lower price per towel than if you were to buy them individually from other sources – Your customers will feel safer knowing that their seat is sanitized when using one of your chairs – They’ll also appreciate the professional appearance of your establishment – 

Wholesale towels can last longer than those bought from other sources, so you won’t have to worry about replacements as often.

Maintaining a clean and professional appearance is essential for any business, and wholesale towels are one way to ensure that happens. Invest in them today and see the benefits for yourself!

Looking for an easy way to keep your business looking its best, investing in wholesale towels is a great place to start. You’ll be able to save money when buying in bulk, getting high-quality products that will last longer, and maintaining a professional appearance all at once. So what are you waiting for? Order your wholesale towels today!


Wholesale Towels Importance

Whether you own a gym, salon, nursing home, or pet grooming shop, there’s no doubt that you could always use extra towels. Wholesale towels can be an important part of running a business. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider stocking up on wholesale towels: 

The benefits of using wholesale towels

The various reason why bulk purchase towels. Perhaps you need a lot of them, or you just got a good deal on closeout. No matter the reason, there are many benefits when using wholesale towels, and here are just a few of them. 

1. They’re inexpensive – When you buy in bulk, you typically get a discount, which means you can save money on your towel purchases. 

2. They’re high quality – bulk towels are made with the same high-quality materials as regular-priced ones, so you don’t have to worry about getting an inferior product

Types of Wholesale Towels

Towels come in various styles; some are better for certain tasks than others. 

Wholesale Bath Towels


Bath towels are important part of any bathroom, and they provide comfort and convenience, and they can help you stay dry after a bath or shower. But with so many different types of towels on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Offering a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect bath towel for your business. And with our fast shipping and great customer service, you can be sure that your order will arrive quickly and without any problems.

Bath Towel sizes we stock here At The Towel Depot

Best way to care for bath towels?

Tumble dry on low to keep the life span of your clothes longer. Fabric softeners, bleach, and other strong chemicals should all be avoided. 

How often should I wash my bath towel?

It is recommended that you launder your bath towel after every three to four uses, and it will help keep it clean and fresh and prevent the build-up of mildew or other bacteria.

Let’s discuss the difference between a bath towel & a hand towel.

Bath towels are larger and more absorbent than hand towels. They are designed to be used after a bath or shower and can be used to dry off your body or wrap yourself in. Hand towels are smaller and less absorbent than bath towels. They are typically used to dry your hands after washing them, but they are ideal for wiping up spills or cleaning surfaces. When choosing a bath towel, it is important to consider the size and absorbency of the towel. 

Wholesale Hand Towels

wholesale hand towels for salons Why wholesale towels are a great investment for your business

A hand towel is a small, absorbent towel typically used to dry your hands, and it can also be used to wipe up spills or clean surfaces. When choosing a hand towel, it is important to consider the size and absorbency of the towel, the color and style, and whether or not it is machine-washable.

Hand Towel sizes we stock here At The Towel Depot

16 x 27 Hand Towels

16 x 30 Hand Towels

15 x 25 Hand Towels

What is the most effective method to care for hand towels?

To make sure your hand towels last as long and look good the whole time, you should gently wash them. Always use cold water when washing soft or silk fabrics to reduce the tendency for fading caused by direct exposure to sunlight (or other sources). If possible, try alternating between different types of detergents every few uses so that they have an opportunity to air dry completely before being put away permanently!

How often should I wash my hand towels?

There is no set rule how often you should wash your hand towel. It depends on the type and quality of material and if any bacteria or viruses have been spread through it previously to who can answer this question effectively. Still, some advice from medical professionals may be available if anyone needs further clarification.


Wholesale Beach Towels

beach towels wholesale Why wholesale towels are a great investment for your business

First, make sure it is properly cared for by washing it every time you use it. You should also rinse it in fresh water to remove any salt or other chemicals that may have been left behind from the ocean before hanging it up to dry–especially if you are storing your towel in a humid area like your basement or garage. Finally, it would be best to store your beach towel next to other damp towels because this will increase the chances of mildew and bacteria growth.

At Towel Depot, we stock a wide variety of beach towels from plain white to solid colors & from cabana stripe to multi-stripe beach towels; all come in different from economy to luxury blend.

Economy Beach Towels

Premium Beach Towels

Luxury Beach Towels

Velour Beach Towels

What are beach towels made of?

Most beach towels are made from cotton. Cotton has a lot of advantages, like being absorbent and soft on the skin, but it does have some disadvantages too, such as shrinking when wet or losing its shape after many washes.

The best material to use would be an artificial alternative like polyester because they do not shrink in water (unlike natural fabrics), nor will they pill dueling through washes – making them much easier to care for.


How do I choose the right beach towel for me?

The perfect beach towel is one that you will use day in and out, so it’s important to find the right fit. Consider your needs when choosing a towel for yourself- do you prefer something light or heavyweight? How often are we using our towels at home versus on vacation (or both)? What colors would look best with my decorating style!

What should I watch for considerations such as size/shape preferences since these factors may dictate how much time I spent drying off after getting wet?

How do I care for my beach towel?

Love your beach towel. Take good care of it, and it will last for years! Here are some tips on how to properly dry, clean, or store yours so that they stay in tip-top shape all summer long: Use cold water if necessary – never hot since this could cause damage, including dye runnings/bleaching.

What are some common uses for a beach towel?

Some people use their beach towels for a variety of purposes. They might wrap up in them to stay warm when sitting on the sand, cover themselves with it while waiting at an outdoor restaurant, or dry off from getting wet during swimming activities!

Wholesale Rally Towels

wholesale rally towels stadium Why wholesale towels are a great investment for your business

A rally towel is an 11 x 18-inch small hand towel that a participant carries in a sporting event. Rally towel is waved as an encouragement to the team’s players; Because of this, they are frequently brightly colored so that they may be seen against any stadium’s backdrop.


History of Rally Towels

The story goes that a fan named Stan Kasten came to the game with a white towel around his neck. Stan waved the towel around to show his support when the Dodgers started to do well. The other fans in the stadium began to do the same, and soon enough, the wholesale rally towel had become a tradition for Dodgers games.

Some believe that the Los Angeles Dodgers used the first rally towel in the late 1950s. The team was known as the “Brooklyn Dodgers” and played in Ebbets Field.

How can businesses use rally towels to promote their brand or product?

Rally towels can be a great way to promote a brand or product. They are bright and colorful, and because they are often seen in stadiums and other sporting events, they can be a great way to get attention. Businesses can order customized rally towels with their logo or slogan and then give them out to customers or employees. Which will help create a sense of unity and support for the company and help promote the brand or product.


Ten fun creative ways to use rally towels at your next event

1. Wave them in the air to show your support for the team or organization.

2. Use them as a way to dry off after getting wet.

3. Wrap them around your neck to stay warm.

4. Put them over your head to avoid getting sunburned.

5. Use them as a seat cushion when sitting on the ground.

6. Hang them up as a decoration.

7. Take pictures with them in front of the stadium or arena.

8. Wave them in the air to get the crowd excited.

9. Use them as a way to collect autographs from players or other celebrities.

10. Throw them into the crowd to celebrate a victory

Customize your rally towels for your next favorite game, or buy them for a company event. We stock many different colors; click here to find out about our selection

Wholesale Golf Towels

golf towels wholesale at golf course Why wholesale towels are a great investment for your business

If you’re a golfer, then there’s little doubt that you’ve used a golf towel at some point. Golf towels are the ultimate accessory for any golfer, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. There are small ones to keep in your pocket while playing or bigger ones that can be draped over shoulders as an additional layer of comfort and protection against the weather. But what is it about these towels that make them so popular among golfers?


What is a golf towel?

A golf towel is an essential item for every golfer. It comes in 11 x 18 inches, 100% cotton, and features a grommet and hook. It is also available in many different colors to choose the one that best suits your style.

Why are golf towels popular among golfers?

Golfers who love the game of golf will tell you that it’s not just about playing well but also having an excellent grip on your clubs. Golfers love to have a quality golf towel to meet any conditions. They and they the perfect amount of absorbency & they also help keep moisture off with their wicking properties.

Ways that you can promote your business with golf towels

You can promote your business with golf towels by personalizing them. At Towel Depot, we offer two types of printing; one is screen printing, and another one is digital printing; both offer great value. It’s a great way to ensure that you always stay in touch and remind people about what matters most.

At Towel Depot, we stock many different colors; each golf towel is unique and with grommet and hook, which is perfect for hanging so that you can easily access it when needed.

List of colors we offer

Black Golf Towels

Forest Green Golf Towels

Gold Golf Towels

Hot Pink Golf Towels

Lime Green Golf Towels

Maroon Golf Towels

Navy Blue Golf Towels

Purple Golf Towels

Red Golf Towels

Royal Blue Golf Towels

White Golf Towels

Yellow Golf Towels

Wholesale Automotive Shop Rags

automotive wholesale rags Why wholesale towels are a great investment for your business

Automotive shop rags are a necessity for any auto shop.

They come in handy for wiping down grease and oil that you come into contact with while working on cars or just as general cleaning supplies to keep your car looking good inside and out. But what happens when you need wholesale automotive shop rags?

Our wholesale automotive shop rags are made of 100% recycled cotton, which allows them to soak up more than traditional rags.


Which shop rags is right for me?

When choosing automotive shop rags, there are a few things you’ll want to consider. The most important part is the type of material the rags are made of, and you’ll want to choose a material that is absorbent and can soak up oil and grease easily.

Shop rags are typically 14 x 14 inches & 18 x 18 inches in size, weighing roughly 155 pounds to 175 lbs per case of 2,500 pieces. & finally, you’ll want to consider the color of the rags.

Red Shop Rags

Blue Shop Rags

Natural Shop Rags

White Shop Rags


Seven creative ways you can use automotive rags

1. Use them to clean your car

2. Use them to clean your bike

3. Use them to clean your motorcycle

4. Use them to clean your boat

5. Use them to clean your RV

6. Use them to clean your ATV

7. Use them to clean your tractor


Investing in wholesale towels is a great place to start. You will save money buying in bulk, getting high-quality products that will last longer, and maintaining a professional appearance all at once. So what are you waiting for? Order your wholesale towels today!

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