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Why Beach Towels?

Why Beach Towels

Can we go to the beach? Can we, huh? Can we? That’s all you hear, day after day. The beach isn’t that big a deal, but it’s cooler than here, and it’s wet.

There’s a lot to be said for cooler and wet when the temperatures are edging ever upward. But if you go to the beach, you’ll all need towels. Big towels.

Where can you get those? You want towels big enough so that when you lie down on them, you don’t have half your body hanging off them! They don’t need to be overly soft, especially, just functional. For goodness’ sake, they’re going to be all sandy pretty soon, anyway.

Cheap beach towels will be just fine for when you will be using them. If you could find Wholesale Beach towels that were cheap (but not seriously ugly) and functional (while not so luxurious that you’re afraid to use them), that would be perfect.

You are pretty sure that you could find something like that if you went on the Internet. You know from experience that The Towel Depot has a whole bunch of options. You can almost guarantee that if you look on their website, you will find what you’re looking for.

Wow, yes! There are plain white beach towels, and then there are those cabana stripe beach towels which are kind-of cool. They have some great colors. Wait a minute: you feel an idea coming. You could get a different color for each of the kids, and then they couldn’t argue over which towel was whose! Oh, yeah, that is a genius of an idea. Or maybe YOU are just a genius! (Yup. That’s probably it!)

Next question: if you buy a bunch, can you get them at a wholesale price? Well, yes. And you know you’re going to need at least two towels per person, because after you have been using one to lie on, it will not be super-effective for drying off—unless you have a burning desire to have grit and sand all over your body on the way home. But with the wholesale price, you can afford to buy two towels apiece! Excellent!

In that case, yes, kids, we CAN go to the beach! Are you ready yet?

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