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What is Triple Bedding?

triple bedding

Triple bedding, also known as triple sheeting, is a method of dressing a bed that includes three layers of bedding. The three layers consist of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, & a duvet cover. This bedding method is becoming increasingly popular due to its many benefits, including added comfort & luxury, increased hygiene & ease of maintenance.

Comfort & Luxury

Using three layers of bedding provides an added layer of comfort to the bed. The fitted & flat sheets work together to provide a smooth & even surface for the duvet cover to rest on. This creates a plush and cozy feel for the person sleeping on the bed. The added layer of the duvet cover also provides added warmth, making it perfect for colder seasons.

Hygiene & Maintenance

One of the main benefits of triple bedding is its increased hygiene and ease of maintenance. A duvet cover allows easy removal & cleaning of the top layer without washing the entire bedding set. This not only saves time & effort but also helps to keep the bedding fresh and clean. Additionally, using a fitted and flat sheet helps keep the duvet cover in place, preventing it from shifting and bunching during the night. This helps to keep the bed looking neat and tidy.

How to Make a Triple Bedding

Making triple bedding is easy and requires minimal effort. Start by placing the fitted sheet on the mattress, ensuring it is properly aligned and tucked in at the corners. Next, place the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet, aligning it with the edges of the mattress. Finally, place the duvet cover on top of the flat sheet, ensuring that it is properly aligned and that the opening is at the foot of the bed.


Triple bedding is a luxurious and comfortable method of dressing a bed that offers many benefits. Three layers of bedding provide added comfort and warmth, making it easier to maintain and keep the bedding clean. With its many benefits, it is no wonder why triple bedding is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

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