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What Are Salon Towels

hair salon towels what are they?

What Are Salon Towels

Hair Salon towels are a type of towel that is commonly used in salons. They can be made from a variety of different materials, including cotton, bamboo, or microfiber. Cotton towels are absorbent and soft, making them a popular choice for salons.

When you’re looking for a new best salon hair towels, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The quality of the towel is important, as is the size and weight. You’ll also want to choose a color and design that you like.

You can buy the best quality hair salon towels from a variety of different retailers, including online stores and specialty stores.

When you have a salon, the towels must be versatile. They need to be strong and resilient so they can withstand harsh chemicals while being plush enough for face massages. The towels in your salon should be fresh and clean to maintain the goodwill of both you as well clients.

The bottom line for nail and tanning salons is to pay the physical space of their business, employees as well as taxes. Supplies like towels can add up; 2-8% will go towards hair salon towels items in total expenses per year! Owners must make cost-effective purchasing decisions when buying wholesale vs retail because if you buy more at once then it becomes cheaper over time – even though initially there may be some higher price tag involved due mainly to material costs rather than labor or shipping fees 

When choosing between two different sources where one has lower prices but slower delivery times (i e warehouse) compared with another that offers a quick turnaround

The different types of beauty salon hair towels

The different types of beauty salon hair towels can be separated into four categories, depending on their materials and function. The first type is made from cotton or synthetic fabrics which are typically used as a terrycloth alternative for drying off after taking a bath or shower because they absorb moisture well but do not hold onto it as an ordinary towel would; these cloths also have low-quality fibers that go flat quickly so you need to wash them often if your aim is keeping the same size forever 

The second group includes those who use hemp fibers—which come in both natural colors such as ecru (made without any chemicals), white, black, etc., along with mixed batches containing other plant matter including bamboo lotus leaves. Each has its unique properties when processing


How to choose the right salon terry towels

how to choose the right salon towel What Are Salon Towels

When picking out a new salon terry towel, be sure to ask yourself these four questions.

  • First off- how much do they weigh? Some hair salon towels are heavier than others, so it’s important to find one that is the right weight for you.
  • Size of Salon Towels, Another thing to consider when choosing a salon towel is the size. You’ll want to find one that is the right size for your needs.
  • Perfect color, You need to choose the right color salon towel, the most preferred color is black or navy blue, At Towel Depot, we stock a variety of colors.
  • Lastly, If you are looking for bleach-proof salon towels or non-bleach-proof salon towels

It all starts with the material and then moves onto other features such as absorbency or durability before finally deciding on which brand will provide what your need most in terms of style preference! It is important to find the best quality salon towels with the right material. The most common types of beauty salon hair towels are 100% cotton, in size 16 x 27 inches.

How to care for your hair salon towels

How to care for your hair salon towels What Are Salon Towels

The secret to caring for your hair salon towels is in the care. Regular washing will keep them looking like new, but if you want them stretched out even more and ready when needed then there are a few things that need attention beforehand: 

Wash with cold water because this helps reduce wrinkles on fabric! It also weakens odors from Sitting around too long so make sure everything gets wet enough (not soaking). If possible use natural dye-free detergent,

Salon towels are very delicate and should be treated with care. Follow these steps to make sure your investment stays in good shape.

Do salon towels need to be replaced often? 

Do salon towels need to be replaced often What Are Salon Towels

Salon towels do not need to be replaced often, but they should be washed regularly to keep them looking new. You may also want to stretch them out before using them, which can be done by washing them in cold water with natural dye-free detergent.

What are the benefits of using salon towels? 

What are the benefits of using salon towels What Are Salon Towels

Salon towels offer several benefits, including:

– Absorbent: Salon towels are made from 100% cotton materials, which help them to quickly dry your hair.

– Soft: Salon towels are often made from ring-spun cotton, which makes them soft and gentle on your hair.

– Durable: Good Salon towels weigh approx. 3 pounds per dozen, or 410 GSM, which means 1 dozen hair salon towels average approx. 0.25 lbs per towel, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

– Affordable: Salon towels are often more affordable than other types of hair towels.

– Color: Choose a salon towel in your favorite color, At Towel Depot we stock many different colors of hair salon towels:-


Charcoal Gray


Hunter Green


Navy Blue

Silver Gray

Dark Brown

– Bleach Safe: Bleach can be used to clean our salon towels that are exposed to staining agents such as hair dye.

Your whites will stay bright and your colors remain vibrant with a single wash. To keep them that way, separate all of the towels into their categories for even drying time!

– Separating colors – To keep colors from bleeding during washing, separate your whites from your colors.

– Fading – When it comes to fading, there are a few things you can do to prevent it. Washing the towel with cold water, pretreat any stains that may cause color loss. Selecting cooler water is one of the best ways to preserve colors. Even if you have bleach-resistant towels, always choose color-safe bleach because it is more stain

If you are looking for a salon towel that is absorbent and durable, look no further than our selection of bleach-safe salon towels. Our towels are made with high-quality materials and construction, ensuring that they will last through multiple washes. Order today to get started using the best salon towels on the market.

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