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The Luxurious feel of Hotel Sheets


What are Hospitality Sheets or Hotel Sheets?

All of us at one point in life have traveled to a far or a nearby destination and booked a hotel for ourselves and our family. The search for a hotel begins even before the vacation or the traveling starts. We all wish to get the best hotel which will make our stay comfortable. Hotels have been ranked by stars according to their prices and luxury.

The highest rank is a 5-star hotel which stands as high-end hotels and has super luxurious services for people who stay there. Ever had a chance to stay at a 5-star hotel? Well, all the hype and the money is totally worth it.

If you had the chance to book a room or a suite at a high-scale hotel you would have noticed the amazingly soft and comfortable hotel sheets in your room. Why do they feel so good? Just lying on the hotel bed and trying not to think about all the problems and your hectic routine back home makes you feel relaxed. Well, also because you are in that frame of mind to relax and enjoy your free days, you adore everything that comes across.

Hotel sheets are highly durable sheets and that is one of their most important factors. They have washed hundreds of times every year and still sustain to remain the same for almost a year before they start to wear out and tear.

If the sheets are washed less, then they will stay fine for a longer time. Hospitality sheets have a thread count of T-180 to T-300, where T stands for the thread. Is id the number of threads per square inch in a sheet. The sheets are made up of cotton which is of premium quality and 100% pure. The sheets remain cool and are also a breathable item in your hotel room.

 The natural cotton fabric is so fluffy; hence it is popular among people. There are many pores in the fabric which makes the hospitality sheets so airy. The pores help you to release your sweat and not feel sophisticated while using the hospitality sheets. Organic cotton material is also hypoallergenic, which means that guests who get allergic reactions real quick can easily use these sheets because they will cause no harm to their skin or health.

Types of Hotel Sheets

The housekeeping department in a hotel keeps track of all the hotel sheets. With so many sheets belonging to so many rooms can be overwhelming too. They take care of the sheets, pillow covers, runners and all the other linen that are used by us when we stay at a hotel.

The rooms are characterized by the number of people who can stay in the room. They have a twin sized bed; queen sized bed and a master bedroom with a king-sized bed. All the bed has their dimensions and different sized sheets and pillowcases.

Every bed in the hotel will have twin sized fitted and flat sheets, queen sized fitted and flat sheets and king sized fitted and flat sheets. Flat and fitted sheets are purchased in bulk orders.

Many wholesalers are vendors to 5-start hotels where they supply wholesale hospitality sheets to the hotels. After the sheet has been placed on the bed, another sheet and a duvet are placed on the bed for a luxurious feel.

Hotels make sure that they are taking good care of their beds and the sheets. Visitors who come and check-in at the hotels are tired and are always looking forward to a relaxing bed where they can rest and start their day after a good sleep.

The Thread Count

The thread count of a hotel sheet is the ultimate solution to the softness. Higher the thread count, softer the hotel sheet will be. As the thread increases, the price of the sheets also takes a flight. Let’s have a look at the different thread counts.

120-170: Sheets having their thread count in this range are thin sheets. They are not used for beds. The thread count of 120-170 is found in hospitals where they are used for different purposes.

200: This sheet will be light and will be a great item for the summers. Hotels that are operating within a budget will have these bed sheets. These bed sheets remain crisp and cool for the guests. They are also a good option for the beds.

400: The best selling cotton sheets in the market. They are soft and have a good thread count. These bed sheets are highly durable, as well. Most of the hotel chains worldwide lookout for T-count 400 and use these sheets on their hotel beds.

600: T-count 600 has to be of much higher quality. These sheets are made by using compressed air technology. They are exclusive, lustrous and very smooth. Their weaving process is carefully completed. Sheets having a T-count of 600 are also higher in price.

800-1000: If you think about ultimate luxury which you can ever experience, then a thread count having the range of 800-100 should be considered. These are the most luxurious sheets.

The fabric is fuller and softest among all. Sheets have such a high range of thread count are high-end sheets, and they are very expensive. These sheets are not suitable for everyday use. They are used rarely and it is going to be very less that you come across such a sheet that has a thread count of 800-1000.

Reasons for the white colored sheets in a hotel

You must have noticed that all hotels have white colored sheets. If we ever imagine a nice hotel room, we never think of flower pattern hotel sheets or a zebra print. This isn’t a coincidence but a measured choice of all the hotels. White is a color that portraits calmness and luxury. White linen and towels in a room will automatically lower your brain gears and make you feel relaxed.

White sheets also look super clean, and the visitors can make sure that the sheets are spotless and do not have any stains. Hotel owners are aware that white colored bulk bed sheets are a safe choice for them. They can choose whatever interior and color that they want to choose. White compliments every color in any kind of interior. White colored hotel sheets are a smart investment for your business.

There is a whole psychology behind the color white. Color affects our mood and also changes our feelings. White makes us want to sink in the soft bed of the hotel and gives us a calm feeling. White also makes space look more spacious and does not give a cluttered feel. White colored hotel sheets can also be complemented with any other colored cushions or a quilt cover if you really want to add some color on the bed.

Why are the hotel sheets so cozy and wrinkle-free?

Hotels sheets have always felt super cozy. You just don’t feel like coming out of them once you are lazing in them. We often wonder why our home bed sheets do not stay the same way as hotel sheets. Well, there is just a simple routine and some steps that can make our home bed sheets wrinkle-free and crisp like hotel sheets as well.

Whenever we put nice new sheets on the bed, we often see that some wrinkles have not been taken care of. You do not need to take off the whole sheet and iron it again when you can simply take care of the wrinkles there and then. The solution is very easy and simple. Just get a water bottle spray and spray some water on the wrinkles directly. Waft the sheets and tuck them in the sides of the bed nicely. The wrinkles will be no more in some time and will leave you bed all smooth.

Making your bed every morning should be in your morning regime. Leaving an unmade bed in the morning will only get you a wrinkled bed sheet when you come back home. It takes very less time and can save you from all those wrinkles that later on need ironing on the sheets. Hotels use a fitted sheet as the first layer on the bed. Then comes the hotel’s bed sheet, then the comforter or the duvet ad then another sheet on top of the duvet. This trick keeps the sheets crisp and wrinkle-free. This might seem like too many sheets but will for sure make your bed a lot cozier.

Washing your sheets is very important. Changing into new bed sheets should be done every day or a week. If we do not wash our sheets, bacteria and germs might come to settle in. Washing your bed sheets regularly also keeps them crisp and fresh.

Hotels never keep old sheets or keep on using the old stock. If the management sees or gets a complaint about the sheets that they have worn out or have stains on them then the sheets are bound to get replaced. The hotel’s management knows that it time to invest in new hotel sheets. Never use old sheets at home too. If you know that the threads are coming out or the sheets do not look fresh and feel the same then it is probably time to get rid of them and get new ones.

These are some of the things that any hotel follows religiously. Taking care of the sheets will definitely keep them looking fresh and the soft feels will stay there too.

Make your bed like a 5-star heaven bed

So the first thing that comes across in your room is your bed. If the bed is properly made and has good sheets, then probably other things don’t matter that much. You can make your bed just like a hotel bed, following some easy tips and a luxurious, relaxing place at home.

  • Save some money for the duvets and feather pillows. They are on the higher side of the price but the comfort and softness are worth the price. They are also a good product for winters as they act as an insulator and keep your body warm.
  • Have your sheets experience a little soothing scent as well. There is no harm in using an interior spray on them to get the feel of a hotel bed.
  • Use a dull color palette. Hotel sheets are never bold in color. They use duvet covers and may be some runners on the sheets to add some excitement. Most of the hotels use white colored sheets in their hotels to create a tranquil environment. Bold colors can be visible in the interior designs and the walls but not where you ultimately have to relax and get a sound sleep.
  • Hotels beds always have extra linen and pillows to make the bed cozier and relaxing. Guests might not even use all the pillows but the first sight of the bed is always very soothing. Your sheet and the duvet should be properly made with no wrinkles to have that appealing feeling of the hotel bed in your own house.
  • Hotel sheets have a thread count almost reaching T-300. The material is pure 100% premium cotton. If you get a similar T-count 300 sheets for your own bed, your room bed will be a lot closer to the hotel room.
  • Make sure that the pillows that you chose to be on your bed are also chosen sensibly. Do not go for a size too big for the bed or a size too small. You may survey online on the size of the pillows and get the perfect pair to set on your bed just like a hotel bed.
  • Some of the hotels also use a starch spray on their bed sheets to maintain the crisp that we always feel. Starch sprays are easily available, and you can easily get one for your bed and feel the same crisp on your bed.
  • Iron your bed sheets on a high heat and lengthwise. Hotels iron their bed sheets on high heat. Make sure not to burn the sheets and keep an eye when you are ironing them to avoid any iron marks on the bed sheets.

Maintenance of the hotel bed sheets

Hotels just don’t buy bed sheets and keep on replacing them. They take care of the hotel bed sheets so that they are long-lasting and stays durable.

There are many methods by which the hotel bed sheets can be washed and dried, but the care label on the sheets should be addressed and followed first. There might be some special instructions on them which, if not followed, will ruin the sheets. There may things like how to wash and dry that can be important if you want to maintain the quality of your bed sheets.

Wholesale hotel bed sheets should always be washed before they are placed on the bed. A mild detergent and the right temperature will be good for the hotel sheets. Using a dryer here for the first time on the new wholesale hotel sheets will wrinkle them badly. This will take more time to iron them. Many hotels consider the hotel bed sheets to dry on a washing line. This causes no damage, and the wrinkles will also be way less.

Storing of the bed sheets should be done in an appropriate manner. The sheets should be completely dry before they are folded and stored in a room or a cupboard. If the hotel bed sheets are not dried and still have some moisture in them, then it will leave an unpleasant smell in the hotel bed sheets, which will make the guests uncomfortable and irritable at the same time. Make sure that your guests leave the hotel happy and satisfied.

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