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The Art of Buying Towels: Things to Consider

Art Of Buying Towels

There isn’t any feeling that compares to a soft, fluffy towel hugging your body after a hot shower. Not that the feeling is incomparable but it’s difficult to recreate with a different set of towels. This is why hotel showers simply don’t compare to when you have one after a long day at home. The quality of towels used for this task comes into play!

Aside from softness of the fabric, there are other things to consider when buying towels, such as:

Towel Size You Are Looking For

What size towels are you looking for? This may sound like an odd question to first-time towel buyers however it’s an important one. Your choice of size will answer what you need the towel for!

Post-bathing Towel

Such a towel will be used for completely wrapping around your body after a shower. A 35” by 60-70” sized bath sheet will be the appropriate buy. It is larger than a bath towel therefore ideal for drying and wrapping around while doing all your post-shower rituals. Standard cotton bath towels are also a good option. 

Wash Face or Body

Sometimes you may not want to take a shower or bath to feel clean. Plus you can’t be expected to dry your face with the same bath towel that is used post-shower! A 13” by 13” size washcloth set is the perfect item, used in and out of the bathtub or shower.  

Washing Hands

A 16” by 28” or 30” size hand towel will be perfect for this job. These can be used for drying hands after washing as well as drying dishes. Note: Hand towels are used a lot therefore finding durable and affordable options is a good idea. 

How Many Do You Need

Towels can be bought individually however they are also sold in sets and bulk, especially in wholesaler stores. A set of towels includes 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, and 2 washcloths. Buying a towel set is considerably more advantageous than buying individually priced towels especially if you are stocking up your salon or restaurant’s business’s inventory.

Advantages of buying a towel set are:

More Economical

Do you have a large family? Do you run a business that requires clean towels on a daily basis? Buying a towel set or even in bulk will be an economical option. Additionally, you won’t find it so difficult to replace worn towels, as you are already getting a good deal and greater value.

Makes Buying Decisions Easier 

Furthermore, buying towels in sets will make buying decisions easier. All towels sets come packed with the core items, i.e. hand towel, washcloth, and bath towel. Make this process easier by buying sets in bulk!  

Buying towels in bulk has been made easier by online wholesale retailers. Finding premium quality towels for your high-end resort/spa or even guesthouse at good wholesale prices is made possible by The Towel Depot.  

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