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Suitable GSMs For Each Towel Type

Suitable GSM

There is more to towels than ‘100% cotton’ tags.

Towels come in all kinds of varieties which can be attributed to the difference of GSM. Many people may have come across this acronym before in relation to towels. But only a few actually know what it stands for and the purpose it serves. 

The quality of each towel type is distinct and that difference in feel, touch and weight is due to GSM. 

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. Here it is referring to the grams of cotton and the term GSM essentially measures the quantity of cotton fiber in a towel. The higher the GSM figure, the greater the weight of cotton used in the production of that towel. 

When picking towels for purchase, customers base their decision on the texture, its ability to dry both during use and after wash, and the weight. 

Here is a quick run-through of which GSM is best-suited to each type of towel.

Towels for Family Use

An average family uses towels for regular use after shower, and wiping their hands and face dry after a wash. They also might occasionally need beach or guest towels as the need presents itself. 

Even though they value quality and prefer one which dries moisture the fastest, they are not looking for something supremely luxurious when it comes to daily use. Because with luxury comes the hidden cost of extra care and customized laundry, towels for daily use need not be this fancy. 

Families need low-maintenance, easy-to-use towels which can do their work well. 

The types of towels families need are:

Face and Hand Towels

Face and hand towels are usually not needed to absorb an immense amount of moisture; at most just the droplets of water wetting their face after a splash or wiping hands clean in the kitchen. Thus, lower GSM in a towel which falls somewhere between 200 to 400 grams of cotton per square meter will do the job. 

Bath Towel

A bath towel on the other hand requires a heavy absorbent quality and a low GSM does not give best drying results in this case. A bath towel needs to have a GSM count between 600 and 900 to dry a wet body right out of shower the fastest. 

Beach Towels

Towels used on the beach do not require a luxury feel, extra softness or immense absorbency. They need a moderate level of drying experience and a quality suitable for rough use. This is why a GSM measure of 400 to 600 is most suitable for this use. 

Guest Towels

You should never fail to treat your guests to the best you have. But it’s also best to not offer something which can become a nuisance instead of comfort. Luxury towels falling within 600 to 900 GSM are unsuitable as they take long to dry; neither are towels lying within the range of 200 to 400 GSM good enough to serve guests. Therefore, guest towels must always be picked having a GSM count of 400–600. 

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