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So What Is A Golf Towel ?

What is a golf towel

What Is A Golf Towel Used For?

Are you a golfer? If so, you’ve probably heard of golf towels. But what are they and why do you need one? Golf towels are essential tools that can be used for a variety of different purposes. From cleaning golf balls and equipment to wiping sweat and absorbing moisture, these towels keep your game going strong. Towel Depot offers high quality, durable wholesale golf towels so you can find exactly what you need at a great price. Read on to learn more about the uses of golf towels and why having one is important for your game!


You need something that’s versatile, portable, and effective to enhance your game – a golf towel is the perfect choice! Golf towels are perfect for wiping off sweat during a hot day on the green; cleaning golf balls, grips and other equipment; or simply as protection against elements such as rain and sun. Not only do they come in different sizes and colors to match your style but you can also purchase wholesale golf towels at Towel Depot for cheap prices. The terry velour material of their golf towels combines the strength of cotton with the luxurious feel of velvet for a high-end, durable product that absorbs moisture quickly while maintaining its soft texture. They also offer various sizes so you can choose one that best fits your needs and comes with grommets to easily attach it to your golf bag or hangers. So make sure you stock up on quality golf towels from Towel Depot today!

Purposes and Uses

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You’ll find a variety of uses for your golf towel, from cleaning equipment to cooling off on the green. To maximize the benefits of your golf towel, it’s important to choose one that is high-quality and durable. Towel Depot’s 100% cotton golf towels are perfect for wiping down clubs, balls, and other equipment. They feature premium terry velour material which combines the strength of cotton with the luxurious feel of velvet for a strong yet soft texture. Terry velour hemmed golf towel is excellent at absorbing moisture and drying quickly, so you can keep your clubs clean and dry in no time. Additionally, their golf towels come in various colors and sizes to suit different needs – from large ones suitable for cleaning equipment to small ones ideal for wiping sweat off your forehead or hands. This ensures that you have a towel for every purpose when out on the green.

Cleaning and Performance

cleaning performance So What Is A Golf Towel ?

No matter your purpose for the towel, it’s essential to keep it clean and in top condition for optimal performance. A golf towel can be used to clean golf balls, grips, and other equipment. It is important to use a dry towel when cleaning your clubs as this helps remove dirt, grime and moisture without damaging the material. Wetting your golf towel before using it on your clubs helps soften the material and make it easier to clean. Additionally, wiping down grips with a dry golf towel is perfect for removing moisture after you have been playing in wet conditions. Keeping your bag and shoes clean will also help maintain their appearance and quality over time.

When practicing or playing a round of golf, having a handy golf towel is ideal for wiping sweat away from your face or hands. Dirty grooves can significantly lower the speed of a shot so having a clean cloth at hand will help ensure that each shot has maximum backspin. Furthermore, towels are an easy way to cover exposed areas of equipment such as club faces when not in use; this guards them against sun damage as well as weather damage from rain or snow. Finally, wetting your golf towel before placing it around your neck allows you to stay cool while out on the green during hot summer days.

Materials and Types

When shopping for a towel, look for one that’s durable, absorbs moisture and dirt quickly, and feels soft to the touch. Terry velour is an ideal material for golf towels as it combines the strength of cotton with the luxurious feel of velvet. This fabric has excellent absorbency which makes it perfect for wiping down equipment during your round. Additionally, terry velour dries quickly and is resistant to degradation from frequent washing. Here are four important factors you should consider when selecting a golf towel:

  1. Material: Look for a durable material such as terry velour that can handle frequent use and still perform reliably.
  2. Size: Choose the right size towel depending on what tasks you need it for; larger towels are great for cleaning clubs whereas smaller ones are better suited to wiping sweat off your face or hands when playing in hot weather.
  3. Color: Opt for neutral colors like black or gray so that your towel doesn’t clash with other items in your bag or draw unwanted attention from other players on the course.
  4. Functionality: Make sure you purchase a towel that is designed specifically for golfers; this will ensure maximum performance when used on wet grass or dirty clubs. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect golf towel that fits all your needs!

Size Considerations

Finding the right size towel for whatever task you need it for is essential, whether that be cleaning clubs or wiping sweat off your face. When shopping for a golf towel, make sure to look at different sizes. Small towels are great for quick clean-ups and can easily fit in your pocket or golf bag while larger towels are ideal for bigger cleaning jobs like wiping down golf bags and shoes.

For this reason, it might be beneficial to buy several different sizes of towels so you have something suitable for every job. Towel Depot offers various sizes of high-quality terry velour wholesale golf towels that are perfect for any situation. Terry velour combines the strength of cotton with the luxurious feel of velvet to create an absorbent and durable material. Consider buying a few small, medium, and large towels from them so you will always have the right size tool when needed!

Maintenance and Care

Taking proper care of your towels is key to ensuring they serve their purpose and last for years to come. When it comes to golf towels, you should always check the tag before washing and use half the usual amount of detergent. Use mild detergent to preserve the strength and prevent stiffness, but avoid fabric softener as this can cause waxy buildup that hurts absorbency. It’s best to wash your golf towels after every use to reduce spreading germs and dirt, or pack an extra towel in case your other ones get dirty, lost or wet. For maximum efficiency, keep at least two or three towels in your golf bag – a larger one for cleaning equipment and a smaller one for wiping sweat off your face and hands.

Storage Options

You need the right storage options to keep your towels in top condition and ready for use. Most golf bags have a clip on the front for holding golf towels, and grommets on the towel can quickly attach to golf bags and hangers. Consider getting a carabiner to hang your golf towel; hook the carabiner on your golf bag loop and all your towels on the ring for easy access. If you need to hold wet and dry towels, purchase more than one carabiner.

You should also consider purchasing multiple sizes of golf towels for different tasks. A larger towel is great for cleaning equipment while a smaller one is perfect for wiping sweat or dust off your face and hands. Pack an extra towel just in case any of your other towels get lost, wet or dirty while on the course. With Towel Depot high-quality, durable wholesale golf towels, you can easily find exactly what you need without breaking the bank.

Wholesale Advantages

Getting the right golfing accessories can be a challenge, but taking advantage of Towel Depot wholesale options makes it easy to stock up on quality towels without breaking the bank. Their high-quality, durable golf towels are perfect for wiping equipment on the green and come in a range of colors and sizes. Buying in bulk is more cost-effective than buying individual towels and you can purchase multiple carabiners to hang your golf towels from your golf bag loop. They also offer a sweepstake which gives an additional incentive to buy their products as well as helpful advice on how to care for them properly. With Towel Depot products and services, you’re sure to find the perfect towel for any golfer’s needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best colors of golf towels?

Golf towels come in a variety of colors and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your style and budget. If you’re looking for a towel that will stand out on the green, opt for bright colors like blue, red, or yellow. Darker shades like black or grey are also great options if you want something more subtle. When it comes to size, consider which tasks you’ll need your golf towel for— larger towels are better suited for cleaning equipment while smaller ones can be used to wipe sweat off your face and hands. Whichever color and size you choose, Towel Depot offers premium terry velour towels that absorb moisture quickly and dry fast.

Are golf towels machine washable?

Yes, golf towels are machine washable! Before washing, make sure to check the care instructions on the towel tag. Wash your golf towels separately from your other laundry and use a mild detergent with half of the usual amount. Avoid using fabric softener as it causes waxy buildup that hinders absorbency. Always air dry or tumble dry on low heat to preserve their strength and prevent stiffness. After every use, be sure to wash your golf towels to reduce the spread of germs and dirt.

Is there a difference between a golf towel and a regular towel?

Yes, there is a difference between a golf towel and a regular towel. Golf towels are specifically designed for use on the golf course and are typically made of terry velour fabric which combines the strength of cotton with the softness of velvet. These towels often have grommets or carabiners that attach to your golf bag, making them easy to access while you’re out on the green. Additionally, they are usually more absorbent than regular towels due to their special material, so they can quickly wipe away dirt and moisture from your clubs and equipment.

How often should I replace my golf towels?

Golf towels should be replaced at least every three months or when they become frayed and worn out. Washing them after each use will help keep them in good condition for longer. Towel Depot offers high-quality, durable wholesale golf towels in a variety of colors and sizes. They carry various towels for different businesses and activities so you can always find the perfect towel for your needs. Consider purchasing more than one carabiner to hang wet and dry towels on your golf bag as well as taking advantage of their sweepstake!

What are the benefits of using a carabiner with my golf towel?

Using a carabiner with your golf towel is the perfect way to keep it conveniently stored and accessible. Carabiners are easy to attach to your golf bag loop or hanger, giving you quick access when needed. You can even buy multiple carabiners if you need to hold wet and dry towels on your golf bag. Towel Depot offers high-quality carabiners in different sizes, colors, and materials that are perfect for attaching your golf towel. With a carabiner, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing or losing your golf towel again!


You now know what a golf towel is used for and why it’s such an important part of a golfer’s kit. From cleaning golf balls and equipment, to wiping sweat and absorbing moisture, golf towels are versatile and helpful. And when you shop wholesale, you can get high quality towels at great prices. So next time you’re looking for the perfect golf accessory, don’t forget about the trusty old golf towel! With proper care and maintenance, it can last you many rounds of golfing fun.

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