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Shop Rags Bulk

Shop Rags Bulk

Shop Towels are also the lowest in price in towel family , Shop Rags bulk wholesale can be either disposable or rewashed time and again, we are trying hard to educate business owners to own shop towels instead of renting for simple reason “cost too much money ” , by the time you add all the fees.  Shop Towels biggest advantage is their absorptive capabilities and strength.

Shop Towels are available in two different quality in 100% cotton and 80/20 blend that means 80% cotton and 20% polyester, Towel Depot manufacturer 100% cotton as that’s what the inventor Mr. Abdul Rauf Khan introduce in the US market back in 1970′s era, most of the laundries especially Coyne Textile purchase Polyester mix Shop Towels that cost a little cheaper but it give more washes than 100% cotton , more washes means more money earn by Coyene Textile but lesser performance when it comes to the end user, due to this reason they have to permanently close door and file for bankruptcy, as the performance is not there comparing 100% shop towels.

At Towel Depot, We are trying to educate business owners to buy and own shop towels as compare to rent from laundries, just do your self a favor buy a $200 cheaper washing machine and start washing in your garage it will cost less after doing all the math.

Buy x Owning = Cheaper
Renting x Laundries = Expensive

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