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Salon Towels – A Statement of your Salon

Salon Towels In Bulk

Salon Towels In Bulk

There are a number of necessities in a salon that are not optional but mandatory. All salon essentials have their own importance and their reason for being there. Items such as shampoos, facial kits, manicure/pedicure sets, massage creams, hair tools, and salon towels in bulk are very common and a must have at every salon.

Having a salon business can be a sturdy job. With so many things to look into and making sure all of them are on point can be overwhelming. Customers that walk into a salon can become clients if they are properly pampered and looked after. Every person who chooses to have a salon or a spa day is excited to spend the day in luxury soaps and massages. They want to get their mind off their daily routine and relax their souls. Staff at the salons should make sure that the people coming in leave with a wonderful experience that they can cherish and remember forever.

Any salon whether it is huge or on a small scale cannot be complete without having salon towels and hair salon towels. Salon towels are needed after almost all the services that are offered at the salon. Be it your pedicure or manicure or simply some shoulder massage, a soft salon towel will be offered to you at the end of the service to wipe, wrap, or relax.

Salon towels are used in multiple ways. To choose the best towel for your salon there are many factors that a salon owner must keep in mind. It is a mindful investment and also a very important part of your salon. It can either make or finish your impression of your clientele. So, salon owners have to be sure when choosing and purchasing salon towels in bulk for their salons.

Know the different types of fabrics

Knowing which fabric should we consider before buying salon towels in bulk is very important for your business. Fabric is the main deal for having the best salon towels. Salon towels are available in a variety of fabrics such as 100% cotton, cotton-blended, and synthetic. Microfiber isn’t an advisable fabric to be used in salon towels. All these fabrics have their advantages and disadvantages but the most commonly used and popular one is cotton. They happen to be the best fabric for salon towels.

Cotton has great value in the world of textiles. Cotton towels have a huge demand in the market. They are wanted not only for salons but, also for other purposes such as kitchen and automotive shops.

Cotton is a soft material and hence, when used in the salons are always appreciated. They do not give any redness or rash to the client’s skin. Cotton salon hand towels in bulk always leave a soft feeling on your skin, it isn’t rough. Cotton salon towels are also a statement of luxury. They can be washed multiple times and will remain fluffy. The more premium cotton you use, the tighter will be the fabric loops in the towel.

Some salons and spa also use cotton-blended salon towels, but nothing can be compared when it comes to 100% cotton salon hand towels in bulk. The former can be used in salons too, but it will be more of a compromise and it won’t have the same result and feel like cotton salon towels.

As mentioned above, microfiber towels are not suitable for salon. Though they can be used for other purposes in the salon, such as cleaning up a spill or clearing up the mess on the counters. They are super soft and absorbent but they are not meant to be used on the bodies, or for wrapping your client’s head.

Salon Towels In Bulk
Charcoal Gray Salon Towels

Go for Wholesale Salon Towels, it will save your money

A salon is a place where towels are used all day long. You cannot use a used salon towel on two customers. Every individual is provided with a new towel, which is washed and dried. So, what do you do when so many towels are being used in a single day? We go for wholesale salon towels.

It is better to purchase salon hand towels in bulk on wholesale rates in order to save money and resources. It is for sure that a salon cannot function if you have just a few numbers of salon hand towels in bulk which will finish when the client starts coming in.

Separate salon towels are used for each service. The nail bar will have its’ own towels, the hairdresser will have salon hair towels, the towels for wrapping up your arms or feet after the massage are different and will be separately used. Having so many services under a single roof will definitely require many salon towels to be in the salon at all times.

Salon towels’ responsiveness to chemicals and bleach

Salon towels have to be special. They are not just regular towels that will absorb water from your hair and moisture from your body. Salon towels have to respond to several chemicals that are used in different products used in the salon.

Salon hand towels in bulk should be resistant to different chemicals and bleach. If these towels are not resistant to these elements, they will leave marks and stains on the towels. A stained towel is of no use in the salon and cannot be used on any customer.

Make sure that the towels that are being bought for the salon can be bleached. Hair dyes are too strong and they cannot come out of the salon towels if they are not bleached.

Washing your salon hand towels in bulk with the right detergent is very important. If the towels are washed and dried properly for the next customer, only then they can be reused. Having marks on the towels will not be reusable and will not leave a good impression on your clientele.

Burgundy Salon Towels
Burgundy Salon Towels

Benefits of using Salon Towels

Salon towels since they are commercially used, has a lot of benefits. They have set a standard in the market. These towels are used by salons on so many different customers, and having a poor quality will not just be beneficial for their business. A client should leave all pampered when they leave the salon and should have all the good words related to the salon experience.

Some benefits of having salon towels in bulk in your beautiful salons are mentioned below:

  • The size of the towel can be ignored. There are many sizes of a towel. The standard size of a salon towel 16 x 27 inches. This size is perfect for drying your hair, wrapping your hair after hot oil massage, using this size of the towel on your hands and feet is relaxing too. There can be bigger towels too. For body massages, towels are bigger. The size matters on the service you are providing to your client.
  • Cotton salon hand towels in bulk are 100% cotton. They are high in absorbency and absorb moisture really nicely. Your wet hair can be dried off pretty quickly. Nothing is better than a salon towel that is efficient in absorbing all the moisture from your body.
  • Salon towels can be easily washed. If you have a small load of towels and they need to be cleaned quickly because of some stains that might stay on the towel, a normal washing machine will do the work. The ideal is to have a small machine in your salon, which can be used in times of emergency.
  • Colored salon towels in bulk are a statement. Dark brown, lush green, and burgundy are some of the colors that look super chic and classy when dyed on salon towels. You can always choose the color of your salon towels that will go best with the ambiance and theme of your salon. White towels look neat and give a luxurious feel while colored towels give the salon a nice bold look. The choice is yours.
  • If you want to promote your brand smartly, salon towels are the best thing to opt for. Get your logo embroidered at the corner of your salon towels in bulk according to your brand guidelines. This way when you send your towels for laundry, they cannot be misplaced too. Have your towels close to your brand and you can use them a gift from your salon too, for loyal and regular customers.
  • Salon towels can also be brought in many colors. You can designate the different colored towels to a specific service in your salon. The towels will not get mixed up. Nail bar towels cannot have hair towels for usage. Though it might create too much color blocking in your salon, it might be a good chance to change your ambiance into something lighter and in pastel colors while the essentials can be all bold.

Hire a towel service provider

Ever thought of hiring a towel service provider? Well, if your salon has a huge consumption of wholesale salon towels on an everyday basis, then you definitely need a professional towel service provider to take care of all your towel needs. This commercial towel service is the right choice for your salon.

Get rid of the piled up dirty towels in your storeroom and hire a professional who can do the job. While keeping a small washing machine will only do the urgent towels or linen of your salon, it will not be able to handle a huge load of linen and also will take time to dry off for use.

How can a professional towel service benefit your salon?

You do not have to worry about any stains that might not leave your salon towel or any discoloration that can happen. Towel service providers have modern machines and equipment for laundry. Your towels will come sparkly clean when washed in an industrial facility. You will impress your customers by the look of your fresh clean salon towels.

Imagine the convenience and the peace of mind you can have if you just have to drop all your salon linen in a laundry basket and the rest can be taken care of. You do not have to worry about the detergent, the fabric softeners, how much water is being used and so on. This is what matters to a salon business. Running a salon is quite a strenuous work itself and if you have a towel service willing to take that extra stress from you, please do not hesitate.

Guess what? It also saves money. You do not need a separate staff who is constantly washing salon towels and using all the electricity and a huge amount of detergents without thinking. Towel service providers will take care of your salon towels like their own. You can always set the number of salon towels that you will be handing over to them and a set budget monthly.

You can count on your hired towel service provider. The washing, folding, and delivering the salon towels on time is their headache now. Always keep some salon towels in your storeroom so that if by chance the service guy isn’t available, you do not have to face some kind of embarrassment in front of your valuable customers. Keep a track of the number of salon towels that are in the dirty hamper and the number of salon towels that have to be delivered from the towel service provider.

Investing in a good Salon Towel

Always see where you put money into. Investing in a top quality salon towel can never be wrong especially if you own a salon business. It means that you care about the items that are used in your salon and do not want to purchase only facial kits and expensive shampoos. If you have the right material, the right kind and the right size of salon towels in your salon, it can light up your whole salon business.

Most salons go for 100% cotton material for salon, which is a nice choice. Cotton has its own perks. If your salon has a towel that is not up to the standard quality, it will tear off pretty soon. Poor quality salon towels will also feel rough on your skin and may leave redness and irritation. They will not be able to absorb moisture as efficiently as they should. The whole salon towel experience will go to waste by saving a few pennies.

What you need to invest in are colorfast salon towels. It will be a cherry on top if you find the required salon towel on wholesale. Remember, if the salon towels are not colorfast, they will tend to bleed in every wash. You will hesitate to wash them again and again because the color will always fade a little more after every wash cycle.

If you are doubtful about the colored towels and want to invest in white colored towels, just go for it. We can always compliment two colors together and they will look great. Get more white colored towels for your salon and maybe a small lot can be colored ones. If on delivery you are uncertain about the colored towels, you can always buy another small lot of a different color which will look best in your salon.

Salon towels in bulk have always been given importance, be it a men’s salon or ladies’, it has great value for both the genders’ salons. Salon services should take care of the towels in terms of hygiene and cross-contamination. Proper washing and drying off the towels will not cause any infections that can pass from one person to another. All these things if taken care of in a proper way will make your services and your brand name stand out.

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