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Rally Towels: The Ultimate Fan Accessory for Sporting Events

Rally Towels History

Rally Towels History

The origins of rally towels can be traced back to the 1970s when professional sports teams first used them to engage fans & create a sense of community. The first rally towels were simple white towels with a team logo or motto printed on them. These towels, which were often distributed at games or sold at team merchandise stands, quickly gained popularity as a way for fans to show their support.

As rally towels gained popularity, teams and marketers began getting more creative with their designs. They started using different colors, fabrics, and graphics to make their towels stand out. Some teams even started incorporating special features like microfiber cleaning cloths or terry cloth sweatbands.

In the modern era, rally towels have become an integral part of the fan experience at sporting events. They are often waved or twirled by fans to create a visual display of support and are often used to coordinate group cheers or chants. Teams have also started using rally towels to promote sponsors or special events, adding sponsor logos or special messages to the towels.

In addition to being used at sporting events, rally towels have become a popular accessory at concerts, festivals, and other large-scale events. They are often used as giveaways or souvenirs and can be customized with the name of the event or artist.

Rally Towels Vs. Thundersticks

Rally Towels Vs. Thundersticks

Rally towels & thunder sticks are popular items at sporting events, used by fans to show support for their team & create a festive atmosphere. But which is the better fan item? It’s a matter of personal preference, but here are some pros & cons to consider when deciding between rally towels & thunder sticks:

Rally towels:


  • Rally towels are highly visible & can be seen from a distance, making them a great way to show support for your team.
  • They are versatile & can be used in various ways, such as waving, twirling, or draping over your shoulder.
  • They can be customized with team logos, colors, & other graphics to make them unique & personal.


  • Rally towels can be difficult to hold onto, especially if wet or slippery.
  • They can be hard to store or carry around, as they are large & bulky.
  • Rally towels may not be as effective at creating noise as thunder sticks, as they don’t produce a loud clapping sound.

Thunder sticks:


  • Thunder sticks are easy to hold onto, as they are long & cylindrical.
  • When struck together, they create a loud clapping sound, which can help rally the team & get the crowd pumped up.
  • They are small & easy to carry around, making them a convenient fan accessory.


  • Thunder sticks may not be as visible as rally towels, as they are small & have less surface area.
  • They are less versatile than rally towels, as they are primarily used for creating noise.
  • They may not be, as customizable as rally towels, as they typically come in a single color or design.

5 Creative Ideas for Customizing Your Rally Towels

5 Creative Ideas Customizing Rally Towels

Rally towels are a staple at sporting events, serving as a rallying point for fans and a way to show support for their team. Rally Towels can be customized in various ways to make them even more unique and special. Here are five creative ideas for customizing your rally towels:

Add a personal touch with names and numbers: One easy way to customize rally towels is by adding the names and numbers of your favorite players. This customization option is great for collectors or fans who want to show support for specific players. Adding personal touch, such as a name of a friend or family member, can make the towel even more special.

Go bold with bright colors: Rally towels are typically white, but there’s no reason you can’t mix things up with bold, bright colors. Choose a color scheme that matches your team’s colors, or go with something unexpected. Bright colors stand out in a sea of white towels, making your rally towel a unique and eye-catching accessory.

Get creative with graphics & logos: Another way to customize your rally towel is by adding graphics and logos. This could be the logo of your favorite team, a graphic design that represents your team’s spirit, or even a personal motto or phrase. The options are endless, and adding graphics can make your rally towel stand out.

Make it a keepsake with embroidery: For a more upscale & lasting customization option, consider adding embroidery to your rally towel. This could be your team’s name, a player’s name, or even a special message. Embroidery adds a touch of elegance & makes the towel a keepsake that can be treasured for years to come.

The Marketing Power of Custom Rally Towels for Sports Teams and Sponsors

The Marketing Power of Custom Rally Towels

Custom rally towels are a popular & effective marketing tool for sports teams & sponsors. 

  • Here are some reasons why custom rally towels are so powerful for sports teams & sponsors:
  • They create a sense of community: Rally towels are often used at sporting events to show fans their support for their team. Fans wave & twirl their towels in unison, creating a sense of community & belonging. This can be especially powerful for teams & sponsors looking to build br& loyalty & create a strong fan base.
  • They are highly visible: Rally towels are large & often brightly colored, making them highly visible at sporting events. This makes them an excellent choice for sponsors looking to get their br& or message in front of a large audience.
  • They can be customized: Custom rally towels can be customized with team logos, colors, & other graphics to make them unique & personal. This allows teams & sponsors to tailor the towels to their specific br& & marketing needs.
  • They are versatile: Rally towels can be used in various ways, such as waving, twirling, or draping over a shoulder. This versatility makes them a versatile marketing tool that can be used in various settings, from sporting events to concerts & festivals.
  • They are affordable: Custom rally towels are typically relatively affordable to produce, making them a cost-effective marketing option. This is especially important for sponsors looking to get the most bang for their marketing budget.

Buying Wholesale Rally Towels

Buying wholesale can be a smart & cost-effective option if you’re planning to purchase rally towels for a sporting event or other large-scale gathering. Wholesale rally towels are sold in bulk at a discounted price, allowing you to save money while still getting high-quality towels. Here are some benefits of buying wholesale rally towels:

1. Cost savings: One of the biggest benefits of buying wholesale rally towels is the cost savings. When you buy in bulk, you typically get a discount on the per-unit price, which can add significant savings over time. This is especially beneficial for those on a tight budget or organizations looking to stretch their marketing dollars.

2. Greater variety: When you buy wholesale rally towels, you often have more options in terms of colors, designs, & fabrics. This can be very useful if you want to customize the towels to match your team’s colors or branding.

3. Convenience: Buying wholesale rally towels can be more convenient than buying smaller quantities. Instead of placing multiple orders or visiting multiple stores to get the quantity, you can place one bulk order & have all the towels delivered to you. This can save time & hassle.

4. Better organization: When you buy wholesale rally towels, you can easily track your inventory & ensure you have enough towels on h& for all your events. This can help you stay organized & avoid running out of towels at the last minute.

5. Increased bargaining power: Buying wholesale rally towels can increase bargaining power when negotiating with suppliers. Because you are making a large purchase, you can negotiate better prices or get more favorable terms.

In conclusion, buying wholesale rally towels can offer a number of benefits, including cost savings, greater variety, convenience, better organization, and increased bargaining power. If you’re planning to purchase rally towels in bulk, consider buying wholesale to take advantage of these benefits.

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