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How To Choose The Perfect Terry Cloth Towels For Your Commercial Kitchen

How To Choose The Perfect Bar Towels For Your Commercial Kitchen How To Choose The Perfect Terry Cloth Towels For Your Commercial Kitchen

We know that having quality terry cloth towels in your commercial kitchen is essential for providing great service and maintaining hygiene. That’s why we’re here to help you choose the right ones for your business.

In this article, we’ll take a look at all the different types of bar towels available, their features and benefits, and how they can be used in food service. We’ll also discuss what to look out for when investing in bar towels and how best to care for them.

So let’s get started!


We understand that finding the perfect terry cloth towels for your commercial kitchen can be daunting. But don’t worry! We’re here to help you with all the information you need in order to choose the ideal terry towel for your restaurant.

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the different types of terry cloth towels available – from terry cloth dish towels and full white terry construction, to ribbed and bulk white towels. Bar mop towels can also be used, depending on your needs.

It’s important to keep in mind that each type of towel has its own unique features and benefits when it comes to cleaning and food service.

Knowing the weight of a towel is also an integral part of choosing a good quality product. The higher the weight, generally speaking, the better quality it will be; however, too much weight can make it difficult to use them efficiently in restaurants or bars – so consider carefully how much weight you need before purchasing them in bulk!

Ultimately, investing in high-quality terry cloth towels will ensure better hygiene standards and customer satisfaction at your establishment.

Terry Towels and Benefits

Terry towels are the go-to choice for any hospitality business, offering unbeatable benefits in terms of cleaning and foodservice. Terry cloth towels have a high absorbency rate, making them ideal for wiping down surfaces, glassware, and dishes. They also come in different sizes and thicknesses to accommodate various cleaning needs.

Not only do terry towels provide superior absorbency, but they’re also long-lasting and durable compared to other types of dish towels. Here are four reasons why terry towels should be your go-to choice for your commercial kitchen:

  1. Absorbency: Terry cloth towels provide superior absorbency than other materials due to their looped weave design. This makes them great for quickly drying off surfaces and glassware without leaving streaks or residue behind.
  2. Durability: Terry dish towels can withstand multiple washes without losing their shape or texture, making them an economical choice in the long run.
  3. Variety: Terry towels come in different sizes, which makes it easy to find one that fits your specific needs – from large bar mops to smaller hand towels – so you don’t need multiple types of cleaning cloths on hand at all times.
  4. Hygiene: Due to their dense weave design, terry cloth towels make it difficult for bacteria and dirt particles to get trapped within the fabric. This helps prevent cross-contamination while keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic at all times!

Using quality terry towels is essential when it comes to ensuring hygiene standards in food service as well as maintaining a professional look at all times – both of which will lead to increased customer satisfaction with your services! Investing in quality cotton bar mop or kitchen towel will not only help you maintain high standards but will also save money over time since these are more durable than most other materials available on the market today.

Versatility of Bar Towels

You can easily clean up spills and messes with bar towels, making them a versatile must-have for any hospitality business. Their soft texture allows you to quickly and efficiently wipe down surfaces, leaving your space looking spick-and-span in no time.

Bar towels bulk are an economical choice for commercial kitchens, as they require less frequent laundering than single towels. They come in a range of colors, sizes, materials, and thicknesses that allow you to choose the best option for your specific needs.

Bar mop towels are especially useful when dealing with large amounts of liquid or grease. Made from thick terry cloth material that absorbs liquid quickly and effectively, these towels provide superior absorbency compared to other types of cleaning cloths.

Restaurant towels are also well suited for wiping down tables and countertops to keep them free from crumbs and food debris. Foodservice towels come in various weights – from 20 ounces per dozen up to 36 ounces per dozen – allowing you to select the right weight depending on your particular needs.

The thicker the towel is, the more durable it will be over time; however if it’s too heavy it won’t dry fast enough which could lead to mildew growth. When buying bar towels bulk, it’s important to consider both quality and weight so that you can ensure maximum efficiency in your kitchen environment while keeping costs low.

Towel Construction

Discovering the perfect towel for your hospitality business requires understanding the differences between full white terry construction and ribbed towels. Full white terry construction is a type of towel that’s made from 100% cotton, with loops on both sides. This type of towel is highly absorbent and durable, making it ideal for cleaning up spills in bars and restaurants.

Ribbed towels are also made from 100% cotton, but they have a unique texture due to their raised ridges. These towels are great for wiping down surfaces because they can easily remove dirt and grime without leaving behind lint or streaks.

When choosing bar towels for your commercial kitchen, there are several factors to consider:

  1. Cleaning Towels: Choose cloth towels that are highly absorbent and durable so they can handle any messes quickly and effectively.
  2. Cloth Towels: Look for towels that are made from 100% cotton so they won’t leave behind lint or streaks when wiping down surfaces.
  3. Commercial Kitchen Towels: Consider the weight of the towel when selecting one for your business; heavier weights will be more absorbent than lighter ones.
  4. Construction: Decide whether you want full white terry construction or ribbed towels depending on what kind of cleaning tasks you need them for in your restaurant or bar setting.

No matter which type of bar towel you choose, investing in quality products will ensure that your staff has access to reliable cleaning materials at all times while providing customers with an enjoyable experience in your establishment. Quality bar mop towels can help maintain hygiene standards while contributing to efficient service in restaurants – making them an essential part of any hospitality business!

Variety of Terry Cloth Towels

Exploring the variety of bar towels can help you find the ideal product to suit your hospitality business’ needs and provide customers with an enjoyable experience.

When it comes to choosing the right bar towels for your commercial kitchen, there are several factors to consider. Stripe colors are one such factor – a blue center stripe, green center stripe, or gold center stripe all add their own unique touch to the towel. Additionally, white towels bulk are often preferred in restaurants and bars as they provide a clean look while being easy to keep up with laundering and cleaning services.

When selecting restaurant towel service, understanding the different types of terry cloth is essential. Terry dish towels come in an array of sizes and shapes, which make them suitable for various tasks like wiping down surfaces, drying dishes, or wiping hands. For more heavy-duty tasks like mopping floors or deep cleaning surfaces, heavier terry mop towels may be necessary.

Finally, investing in quality cleaning towel sets is essential when aiming for better hygiene and sanitation standards that customers appreciate when eating out. High-quality bar towels should be soft yet durable enough for continuous use without losing absorbency or structure over time.

When exploring the variety available on the market today, focus on looking at cotton kitchen towels made from 100% ring-spun cotton, which offer superior absorbency and lint-free performance that makes them ideal for both businesses and households alike. Investing in quality products will ensure you get value for money while providing excellent service to your guests every time they visit your establishment!

Towel Weight and Quality

Now that we understand the different types of bar towels and their uses, let’s dive into understanding the importance of towel weight and quality. We know that buying quality cotton kitchen towels is paramount for any commercial kitchen or bar, so it’s important to be mindful when choosing your towels.

The weight of a towel is one way to measure the quality and durability of a terry cloth towel. Generally, the heavier the towel, the better its absorbency will be. For instance, full white terry construction towels can range from 20 ozs per dozen all the way up to 36 ozs per dozen. Ribbed cotton kitchen towels may weigh even more than that due to their extra durable construction.

The best way to decide which weight is right for your needs is by looking at how often you plan on using them and how much wear and tear they are expected to endure over time.

Food service towels also come in different weights depending on what type of food service you need them for – lighter for wiping down counters or heavier ones for washing pots or pans. Whatever type of restaurant towel service you choose, always make sure they are made from 100% cotton fabric as this will ensure maximum absorbency while being gentle on surfaces.

Investing in quality terry cloth towels ensures your business runs smoothly with no disruptions caused by inadequate cleaning supplies!

Food Service Towels

Discover the importance of food service towels in maintaining hygiene and efficient service in restaurants! Foodservice towels play an important role for any business that serves food, as they are essential for keeping a clean, safe, and hygienic environment.

Here are some key benefits to using quality foodservice towels:

  • They help maintain a sanitary workplace by absorbing spills and other messes quickly.
  • They can be used to dry hands after washing or sanitizing them with soap or alcohol.
  • They also provide a better customer experience by helping to keep surfaces dry and free from bacteria.

It’s important to choose the right type of towel for your restaurant’s needs, as different types have different levels of absorbency and durability. For example, terry cloth towels are highly absorbent but may not last as long as other materials such as cotton or microfiber. Additionally, choosing the right weight is essential; heavier weights tend to be more durable while lighter weights may be less absorbent but easier to use and store.

Investing in quality foodservice towels will ensure that you have the best possible products for your restaurant’s hygiene needs while also providing an excellent customer experience.

Essential Features

Uncovering the essential features of foodservice towels is key to creating a safe, hygienic environment that customers can trust. The most important feature to consider when choosing foodservice towels is absorbency. Towels should be able to quickly and effectively absorb liquids, such as spilled drinks or sauces, without leaving behind any residue.

Additionally, it’s important to look for towels that are made from durable materials that won’t tear easily and can withstand multiple washes. Finally, it’s also important to choose towels with colors that won’t fade over time or bleed onto other fabrics during washing.

The size of the towel is another factor to consider when selecting foodservice towels. It’s best to choose a towel size that fits the needs of your business; for example, if you’re looking for a towel for wiping down tables in a restaurant setting, then you’ll want something larger than what would be used in a bar setting.

Additionally, some restaurants may require different sizes of towels depending on their specific needs; for instance, some may need smaller hand-sized towels while others may need larger ones for drying dishes or cleaning up spills.

Finally, it’s also important to pay attention to the construction of the towel itself; this includes things like stitching quality and fabric type. For instance, terry cloth is often considered one of the best materials for foodservice towels because it has excellent absorbency and durability properties. Additionally, ribbed construction can help increase absorption rates even further while providing extra strength and durability against wear and tear over time.

Investing in quality foodservice towels with these essential features will ensure your business provides customers with an enjoyable experience every time they visit your establishment!

Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your foodservice towels is just as important as finding the right ones! When it comes to bar towels, proper maintenance is essential for their longevity and continued performance. To ensure that you get the most out of your towel investments, here are some tips on how to take care of them:

First, always follow the laundering instructions provided by the manufacturer. Each type of towel has different requirements in terms of washing and drying. For instance, while full-white terry cloth towels can be washed with regular laundry detergent, ribbed towels should be washed separately from other items in a gentle cycle with cold water. Additionally, avoid using fabric softeners or bleach when cleaning these types of towels as they can strip away their absorbency and colorfastness.

When storing your bar mop towels, keep them in a separate area away from other kitchen linens such as aprons or cloth napkins. This will help prevent cross-contamination and ensure that they remain clean and sanitary for use in food service areas.

Finally, inspect your kitchen towels regularly to check for any signs of wear or tear which may indicate that it’s time to replace them. Doing this will not only keep your kitchen looking neat but also prevent bacteria buildup, which can lead to potential health hazards.

By taking good care of your commercial kitchen towels, you can make sure that they last longer and provide maximum efficiency during service operations! Investing in quality terry cloth dish towels is an investment worth making for any business dedicated to providing excellent customer experience while maintaining high standards of hygiene.

Cost and Quantity

When it comes to outfitting your bar or restaurant, finding the right balance between cost and quantity can be like walking a tightrope – one misstep could lead to disaster. Fortunately, there are many options available for purchasing bar towels in bulk that cater to both budget and quality needs.

Not all towels are created equal: understanding the differences between types of cloth towels is essential in making sure you get the most value when buying them in bulk. The type of towel construction will determine how long they last and how well they absorb liquid. Full white terry construction is generally more durable than ribbed varieties, and they also tend to absorb more liquid. Buying bar mop towels with full white terry construction ensures that you get better performance from your towels over time. Additionally, consider the weight of each towel when buying them in bulk; typically heavier bar towels offer superior absorbency compared to lighter ones.

When it comes to choosing a color stripe, remember that different colors signify different uses in restaurants and bars. In general, blue center stripes denote dishwashing use while green implies cleaning surfaces such as tables or counters; gold center stripes are usually used for polishing glassware or silverware.

Investing in quality bar towels with full white terry construction and heavy weight can be an economical choice for any business looking for maximum durability at an affordable price point.

Restaurant Statistics

terry cloth towels

This section provides an overview of the workforce in the restaurant industry, including hiring trends, employee retention rates, and other relevant statistics to keep your restaurant competitive.

Over 90% of restaurants operate with a workforce of less than 50 employees. (Source)

Staffing is considered a significant challenge by 51% of restaurant operators, with 35% citing staff training as a major hurdle. (Source)

The restaurant industry currently employs 15.3 million individuals. (Source)

By 2029, it is projected that the restaurant industry will provide 16.9 million jobs. (Source)

The restaurant industry is experiencing a record-high turnover rate of 75%. (Source)


We’ve learned a lot about bar towels and their importance in the commercial kitchen. They’re versatile, come in a variety of constructions, and offer essential features for restaurants.

Quality bar towels make all the difference in your service and hygiene standards, so it’s worth investing in the right ones. Symbolically speaking, bar towels are like a shield protecting your guests from contamination. If you take care of them, they’ll take care of you.

Investing in quality bar towels is an investment that will pay dividends on customer satisfaction for years to come.

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