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Cut Your Dependence on Paper Towels to Save Money, and the Environment

Paper Towels

Paper Towels

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve noticed companies doing everything they can to cut down on paper. The current and long standing name for this shift is “going green,” and everybody’s doing it. 

The healthcare industry in the United States is shifting their clerical work to digital. Studies say this could save hospitals up to $9,000 a year per physician. Considering the size of the healthcare industry, savings could be in the billions. These are the same sort of gains just about every industry stands to make by going green.

Of course — money is a huge motivator, as with anything. But there are other factors at play that dwarf finance not only in significance, but urgency.

It may seem hard to believe, but dependence on paper towels and napkins are a huge burden on the environment. The third largest contributor to global warming, in fact. Going green isn’t popular just because it saves money, but because it reduces pollution. One ton of paper towels (enough for a neighborhood) will pollute 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water.

Businesses are leading the way, but there’s a consensus we’ll all need to do more. To phase paper towels out of our daily lives, we’ll need to make some changes. If you want to lessen your own impact on the environment, there are recommendations. One might be to use durable towels that last for years. The savings, and the effect on the environment are well worth the initial investment.

Think about it — purchasing towels for your home now means you won’t be ordering again for years. At present, many families are going through dozens of rolls of paper towels a month. If these families were to use and wash a set of textile products, they would save money and time. Same goes for lowering their impact on the environment.

If you use paper towels, don’t feel bad. Most people aren’t generally aware of how bad using them can be for our environment. Now that you know, replace napkins with washcloths, and paper towels with regular ones. That’s going to help cut some costs around the house.

If you’ve already made the switch, feel free to share your experience below. Click here and see our selection

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