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Mechanic Shop Rags, When you work using your hands, you are most likely to come across different fluids and solids. It can be dust, paint, grease, oil, or other types of lubricants.

When you or your tools contact these greasy substances, you are most likely to wipe them off with an old cloth or a towel. Something that you have not used in a while or that has grown old.

However, this is not actually a viable solution to remove the grease from your tools or to wipe the dust off yourself. You are most likely to throw that old piece of cloth to the corner of the room and re-use that stained piece of clothing again for cleaning purposes, or you may run out of these supplies.

The answer to this very problem is to have a sufficient supply of cleaning rags or shop rags at your shop, workshop, or home.

Mechanic Shop Rags

What are Shop rags?

A shop rag is a piece of cloth made of out of recycled cotton, made with 100% cotton & natural fibers.


The primary aim of using mechanic shop rags is to clean out any dirt or grime. For example, you run an auto-mechanic shop. You are most likely to encounter dirt, grime, or grease daily on your tools.

Instead of using towels, which are most likely to get damaged when cleaning the tools, you can use mechanic shop rags, cleaning rags, or grease rags to keep your tools clean. However, it is not wise to use one rag for different cleaning functions.



Different types of Mechanic Shop Rags

Different types of rags

We have already discussed mechanic shop rags; now, we will look into other types of rags. As mentioned earlier, a single rag should not be used for different cleaning functions.

It would not be very wise of you to use a grease rags for degreasing and then use it wipe off the dirt from your tools. It will ruin the rag and, and the tool you intended to clean would now be required to clean with another rag. The most common type of mechanic shop rags used are cleaning rags and grease rags.

Mechanic Shop Rags

The name of the rag is sufficient to describe it. You guessed it right. It is used for cleaning purposes. However, it is not recommended for all cleaning functions; you have grease rags to remove the grease. It would be best if you used a cleaning rag only to wipe off dirt or for removing any soft stains. In short, they should be used for stains that are easy to clean. They should be stored separately from other mechanic shop rags and washed regularly, so it is easy to re-use the rag.

Grease Rags

The name of the rag is self-explanatory. The purpose of using a grease rag is to remove grease from your tools. They are not just limited to degreasing. Grease rags can be also be used for soaking up oil spills, and you can also use it from removing grime.  They are mostly used for removing heavy dirt. That is why it is recommended to use different rags for various cleaning purposes.

What is a Natural Shop Rag?

Natural shop rags are the original form of rags. They are purely made out of cotton. The other name for a natural shop rag is an unwashed shop towel.

The purpose of a natural shop rag is similar to the functions of the other rags, which we have discussed previously. The can be used for cleaning, degreasing, and wiping off the grime. The key to using a natural shop rag effectively is to have a different set for various cleaning processes.

The different sets of shop rags can be color-coded to identify the purpose of the rag quickly. For instance, a red shop rags & blue can be used to remove the grease from your tools, and a green shop rag can be used for lubrication purposes.

Natural shop rags can be easily cut out from your un-used clothing, or they can be recycled on a mass scale. Whatever the source is, it better to keep a handy amount of rags at your workplace.

If you are looking to save your time, then you should be willing to invest your money in buying rags from a towel shop. It would be wise to buy your shop towels in bulk. Buying shop towels in bulk or wholesale shop rags means investing in the long rung and saving money.

Another reason to purchase shop towels in bulk is to make sure that you do not run out of rags. An additional advantage to store shop towels in bulk is that you can have large amounts of wholesale shop rags in different colors, which can easily be identified for various cleaning purposes.


sizes of shop rags

Size of a shop rag

When buying wholesale shop rags, it recommended to buy them of the same size. The size of the wholesale shop rags depends on your needs and requirements.

However, the most commonly used size is the 14×14 shop rag.  The 14×14 shop rag is the ideal size for cleaning purposes. It is not too small nor too big. The dimensions of the 14×14 shop rag make it very convenient to store. To be clear, the units of the 14×14 shop rag is in inches. It is not to be confused with another form of unit.

Colors of Shop Rags

The most common color of a shop rag is white. The white color shop rag is the most natural form of rag. You can also use shop rags of different colors, such as red shop rag, green shop rag, or blue shop rag.

The purpose of having color-coded shop rags is to have them easily identified for their purpose. The reason I have mentioned the colors in the example is that they are the most commonly used shop rags. A red shop rag is usually used to clean soft stains, plus a red shop rag comes in very handy if you have cut and you need to wipe off the blood.

You can use a blue shop rag to clean off the hard stains. The blue shop rag can also be used for degreasing purposes. The color of the blue shop rag makes the stains less prominent.

You can also use a green shop rag for this purpose, but for this case, let us assume that you have set aside green shop rags for soaking up oil or for lubrication. Therefore you now have the green shop rags to look after your wet works.

Where to buy Shop Rags?

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