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Making your choice between Fingertip Towels or Hand Towels

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Difference between Fingertip Towels or Hand Towels

Towels having so many types and sizes, it might get overwhelming figuring out which towel is used for which purpose. Bath towels, Golf towels, Shop Rags, and many more types of towels are just a few names on the list to start from.

Each towel has its size and function. Some are used in hotels, some in shops while others are useful for your skincare and at the time of vacation. Each towels have their own material or fabric according to the purpose of that towel. Each type of towel is beneficial in its way. We can bring down the list to fingertips towels and hand towels.

What Is A Finger Towel

The size of the fingertip towels is smaller than hand towels but larger than washcloths. Their sizes are generally 11 x 18 inches. Fingertip towels are used for a number of purposes. Fingertip towels are also called finger towels, and when displayed in the bathrooms or guest room ads an extra sense of luxury to your guests.

Many houses and as well as businesses have used fingertip towels for years. They used to serve a specific function. Restaurants use to serve a small bowl filled with water after the guests had finished the meal. The diners used to wipe out their hands with fingertip towels dipped in the bowl of warm water.

This luxury was only available at high-end restaurants, and whoever came to eat there, looked forward to the hygienic ending to their meals. The bowls used were called finger bowls.

They were small enough to let the person using the towels and dipping their towels, have their fingers fit inside.  It not only left a good impression on the visitors but also granted an experience that would be remembered forever. The diners would then leave the table with clean hands.

Hotels use finger towels in the same way. Guests were given a warm numb fingertip towel right at the counter. When the guests come to the hotel to check-in, the first thing that they were offered was the fingertip towels. The vacationers can wipe their hands and face and feel instantly fresh.

These little gestures make your experience worthwhile and on point. Some hotels use these towels creatively, and this adds a cherry on top of their hospitality. You can offer your guests a lovely decorated basket full of fingertip towels for them to use as per their wish. They can use them to dry off their hands. Fingertip towels can also be used as a warm or a cold towel for relaxation.

Have a dinner hosted at your house for friends and family? Save money and do not use paper towels. Dinner tables usually are set with a variety of cutlery and different designs of napkins, which are made up of paper and are not reusable.

These napkins are not absorbent, and multiple napkins are needed for one person dining at your place. By using fingertip towels for your guests, they will be able to use these napkins in between the meals and also after the meal has been finished. They are washable and can be used again for other guests. Pick a beautiful color that will match your dining mats, and you will surely impress your guests.

People are creative, and using your usual essentials to decorate your house or your workplace is a smart thing to do. Use fingertip towels as an item for décor for your kitchen or bathrooms.

They come in a variety of colors so they can be easily complemented with another set of towels. Fingertips towels, when hung in your kitchen, will not also come handy but can also be used if your hand towel isn’t available. Having a couple of fingertip towels in hand will always be beneficial and can be used when needed.

Kitchen is an excellent place for fingertip towels. They are used for a number of things in the kitchen. Clean the dirty counter or dry off the dishes. Fingertip towels are the perfect size for the kitchen because you can’t go wrong with it. Using this size will prevent you from breaking any delicate dishes, which can happen if you use a bigger towel to clean them.

If you are a gym freak, towels are a must for you to clean off that sweat while working on those muscles. Fingertip towels can also be used for athletes. Gym owners can purchase fingertip towels in bulk quantities. Fingertip towels are great for using after a hardcore workout. Their size makes it easier to carry them in your gym bag or hang them on your shoulder.

Larger towels will be an obstacle while working out and maybe heavy for your bag as well. These towels will wipe your sweat away from your face, and you can be ready again for another workout session.

The size of the fingertip towel might confuse you. At first glance, you may think that it is a hand towel because of its size so close to a hand towel. Although both the hand towels and fingertip towels have many qualities that are similar they are used for different functions and differ in size.

You can get hand towels and fingertip towels in cotton and blended fabrics. Both the towels have absorbent qualities, and they absorb the moisture very well.

They look very much alike in size as well since the dimensions of both the towels are rectangular and not a square. Often fingertip towels are confused with wash clothes. Since they are generally placed in bathrooms near bath towels, many people get confused. Though they are very different in size when compared to washcloths as well. Bathroom hand towels are specially made for cleaning your hands after washing your hands in Bath. Bathroom hand towels can also be used after taking shower. Bath hand towel also are perfect for cleaning bathroom walls, shelves and other area where you want to get the best luxury towel experience during cleaning.

Companies chose many materials to make the towels off, from 100% premium cotton to blended ones. Some towels are also made up of fibers such as microfiber, which is towards the expensive side of the fabric. Bamboo and polyester are other options towels are weaved in.

All these materials have their own benefits, pros, and cons. Fingertips towels are weaved in several materials. The size remains the same, but the pattern, the weave, and design changes. Each design and pattern looks fabulous on these petite towels.

  • Terry weave in fingertip towels are used every day. They have big thread loops, which in result high absorbency in terry weave fingertip towels.
  • Velour is another weave which is quite similar to terry weave. They are plushier than terry weaved towels. They are not as absorbent as terry towels.
  • Waffle weave fingertip towels are not soft but rather rough. Towels which have a waffle weave have threads looped in little squares, which looks like a waffle. They are used for water spots and cleaning food debris or can also be used to clean off kitchen utensils and dishes.

You may also come across fingertips towels where two different kinds of weaves are used. The different types of weave make them more versatile and can be used for several purposes.


How to take care of your fingertip towels?

If you want your fingertip towels to stay with you for a long time, there are tips on how to take care of them. Fingertip towels can resist many washes, provided they are looked after the way they should be.

If you have just received your order of fingertip towels, make sure to give them the first wash before you put them into use. Washing them before using them will remove any harsh chemicals or any type of dirt inside the fibers of the towels, which may harm your skin.

Use fingertip towels again when they have been thoroughly dried up. Using them in a numb condition will minimize their absorbency and will also leave a mildew smell in the fabric. Do not over-dry the towels too. If you are using a machine, use the machine on a medium cycle. Use the dryer on a medium cycle as well.

Wash your towels with similar colors. This will avoid any dark color to come on to the whites. Whites should be washed with whites and colored one can be washed with colored towels to avoid any kind of a mess.

It has been researched, adding vinegar in your wash cycle will take out the bad odor in your towels. It will also leave them being extra absorbent. So, remember to use vinegar once in a while to neutralize the smell of your towels.

Hand Towels

Hand towels are the towels that are present in every household. They are an important part of our lives. Used in homes, as well as businesses, hand towels are multi-functional and long lasting. From hotels to guest houses, we will find hand towels everywhere.

Hand towels have so many usages, and they can be successful where ever they are needed. These towels, as the name suggests, are used to clean hands, but are not limited to it. Be it a workout session or to clean your counters in the kitchen where kitchen hand towels can do the job correctly. Our kitchen hand towels are best suited for all types of kitchen works and cleaning the kitchen after you’re done cooking. Hand towels range from 16 x 28 inches to 18 x 30 inches, making them easy to handle. Some uses of hand towels are mentioned below:

  • Hand towels, just like fingertip towels can also be used in fitness centers. Paper towels are a big no-no, specially at the gym can be a huge mistake. They cannot sustain the amount of sweat the people have while having a workout session.

    Hand towels are the right towels for them. These towels can easily fit in their lockers, as well as hanging from the treadmill if they want to. Generally, people who work out or jog have their towels rolled up on their necks so that they do not have to reach out for their gym bags whenever they need the towels. The towels will remain in reach if kept on the neck.
  • 100% cotton hand towels will be a great option for guests visiting your hotel or bed and breakfast. You can have two baskets in your restrooms, one basket can be labeled as new, and others can be labeled as used.

    Your guests will be impressed by this step. Have a stack of towels ready for your visitors and be ready with extra ones in your inventory. These towels can be washed and then reuse again. Extra towels in your inventory will help you no to go out of stock if the towels end in the basket. You can always restack the hand towels for use.
  • Hand towels can be dyed in bright hues and pastels. They can add color to your kitchen and bathrooms. Embroidered hand towels will be a cute decoration in your house. Hand these towels on your oven door, and they will surely pick up your mood. Pick different color towels for each family member if needed. Children can have printed hand towels; this way they will be motivated to wash their hands after each meal and every play.
  • Hand towels in hotels are many times embroidered by their logo. Hotel management often gives you the option of purchasing their hand towels for your personal use. Guests buy these towels from the hotel and take the hand towels with them in their luggage. The reason for purchasing these hand towels is they being absorbent and plushy.
  • Hand towels can also be an exciting gift if someone you know likes to have different types of towels. Get your friend’s name embroidered on the hand towel and this will make a great gift for them.
  • Hand towels are also used in industrial kitchens where the use of towels is a lot. Chefs have these towels on their shoulders and use them to clean their hands while cooking and baking delicious meals.

In order to keep everything organized, you should how to stack and fold essentials. Towels if not folded properly will look unorganized and the place will look rather untidy. In order to find the towels always ready to be used, make sure to keep your linens and towels washed and folded in a proper manner. Some advice on how to store hand towels are below:

  • Dry the towels properly and fold them corner to corner. Stack them up one top of each other. No direct sunlight should stay on the towels for a long time. This might fade the color of the towels a bit.
  • Roll out the hand towels. Rolling out any kind of towels saves up a lot of space. They also look super symmetrical and are easy just to grab and use them.
  • You can fold a towel in a rectangular shape as well. Your towels will look long and this folding method also saves up space.
  • You can also fold your towels in just two or three folds. This fold will be a rather loose fold and is used when the towels are frequently being used and then folded again.
  • Restaurants can keep the towels purchased in bulk in a vacuumed bag. This will save a lot of space and many vacuumed bags with towels and other linen can be stored this way.

Washing your hand towels will not be a hassle. Use your machine on medium cycle and if you are not using a machine, dip the hand towels in a bucket of water for some time and rinse them gently rinse them away. Use a good detergent and your towels will not bleed.

Fingertip towels and Hand towels are both great in qualities and multi-functional. Purchasing these towels will be worth investing and they will always be beneficial for you. Wash them nicely and take care of these towels. They both are durable and will go a long way if they are taken care of.

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