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The solution is here! Makeup Washcloths are the most suitable product to keep your skin safe and sound. These washcloths contain a special formula that helps remove all the makeup from your face without causing any damage to your skin. Also, these washcloths are incredibly soft, and they don’t feel harsh on the skin while wiping it off. With Makeup Remover Washcloths, you can easily get rid of all kinds of makeup with just one wipe. Plus, these towels are compact enough to carry around in your bag wherever you go.

For most women, it is required for them to put on makeup to look fresh while they are at work to represent themselves in a decent manner. However, after the long hours of the day when the makeup is not wiped adequately, they may cause severe skin infection. Now, removing the makeup only with water and soap is evidently not enough. There was a need for some advance measures that assure that the makeup is appropriately cleaned, and no harm is done to the skin.

Wholesale Makeup Removal Towel – An Easy Solution for Wiping Makeup

Makeup and fashion have already been in hype during every era. Although, previously putting on makeup was not that much of a difficult job but wiping it off was such a heck of a job. But with time, as science is making progress with high margins on a daily basis, it is making our lives much simpler and more comfortable as no one would have ever imagined. In the previous days, women had to apply all kinds of essential oils and what not to soften their makeup so it would come off quickly.

Then there was an age when they introduced the micellar water to help it make it easier to wipe off all the makeup. After that, some wipes were popularized for the same purpose. One of the latest solutions for removing our makeup with very little effort and in a much easier way is by using a Wholesale Makeup removal towel.

 Although makeup removing wipes and towels almost have all the same qualities except that wholesale makeup removal towel can be reused after giving it a wash and makeup removing wipes are just for one time use, and then you have to dispose of it.

Disposing makeup wipes after every use is just messy and also harmful for our planet as it is not environment friendly. According to research, 1.3 billion wipes are used on a daily basis, which we can all agree is not suitable for our planet and atmosphere. On the contrary, makeup wipes are the perfect alternative for the wipes as they can be used again and again, can be recycled and are environmentally-safe.

Benefits of the Makeup Removal Towel

These are similarly as delicate as your preferred cotton towel. Yet, their essential occupation is to remove cosmetics with or without cleanser, sort of like an old-fashioned washcloth better. When it is dirty enough, you toss it in your clothing pack, wash, and reuse. Some top of the head benefits is as mentioned below.

  1. Durability

Makeup removal towels are manufactured in different types of materials like polyester, vinyl, and cotton. The ones we are providing are made of 100% pure cotton, giving it more long-lasting and textile strength. Wholesale Makeup removal towels can be washed after it has been used and be reused for an extended period of time.

  1. Germ Free

Our makeup removal towel also has an anti-microbial feature, to keep your skin germ free and to provide you with good hygiene. You do not want to come home after a long tiring day, facing all the pollution, and then wipe your face and get some more infection and gems on your face.

You can use any sort of bleaching or detergent to wash your makeup removal towel to make it germ free after every use. Our wholesale makeup removal towel evacuates microscopic organisms all over and in your pores without influencing the skin’s distinctive corrosive mantle. The long rest side will profoundly purge your pores.

  1. Minimizing Waste Disposal

Makeup removal towels may cost more than your standard cosmetics remover cushions. Yet, they do cost less after some time as you are reusing your fabric as opposed to burning through cash on cosmetics removers, wipes and cotton cushions, and so on.

Wholesale Makeup removal towels can be repeatedly used after washing them, unlike the makeup removal wipes, which are to be disposed of after one-time use. It limits the disposal quantity and provides an eco-friendly environment.

  1. Takes Good Care of Your Sensitive Skin

As our towels are made of pure cotton, it acts as a friend to your skin. As it has that softness, luxurious, and delicate touch that makes your skin feel lavish. Providing you with what is best for your skin and body is our motto.

  1. Easy on Your Pockets

Using and disposing of wipes after each use is not a good deal as you have to purchase the packets again and again. However, a makeup removal towel is your one-time investment, and it can go for months and years, depending on your usage. Once you buy wholesale makeup removal towel, you do not have to worry about purchasing and wasting money for it every time you wipe off your makeup.

  1. Bleach Resistant

Our wholesale makeup removal towel also has a bleach resistant feature. So if you have applied layers of makeup for your big event or for any particular reason, and after wiping it off at the end of the day, you do not have to be worried after looking at those significant stains on your makeup removal towel. Just toss it in the laundry and pour some bleach on it, and it will get cleaned as if it is new.

  1. Cleansing with Chemicals

One of the most significant pros of utilizing a makeup removal towel is that even though you have sensitive skin, there will be no reaction to the skin because there are no chemicals involved that can mess up with your skin.

It often happens that the area around your eyes may react poorly to most of the makeup removing products if you have sensitive skin. In most of the makeup removing wipes manufacturing companies utilize high concentration chemicals that work best in preventing you from achieving a great complexion. With the makeup removal towels, you do not have to worry about that as you can easily exfoliate your skin and wipe all the makeup in the most natural way without even damaging your skin at all.

Some Downfalls for the Makeup Removal Towel

Where we have a handful of benefits with the wholesale makeup removal towel, there are some points which we may create problems for some of you. However, these disadvantages, when weighed against the benefits, are just a drop in the ocean. But we must give you all kinds of knowledge about our product so that you can make an informed decision.

Some Makeup Products Are Just Harder to Remove

According to some people, this makeup removal towel does not remove all types of permanent makeup, face paints, and waterproof products. You may have to use a bit of micellar water to peel through these harsh products.

You May Have to Put in Some Extra Effort

On the off chance that your makeup is especially difficult, it probably will not fall off without scouring and pulling. This as an especially massive issue with eye make-up. If your make-up is obstinate, at that point, it may expect you to rub somewhat harder, and this could pull on your skin. Abuse of the makeup removal towel could cause a disturbance, so you have to guarantee you know how much your skin can deal with.

Keep It Clean

The other drawback is guaranteeing that you keep your wholesale makeup removal towel tidy as you could wind up with the development of microbes in the event that you do not wash it in any event once per week. It is suggested you wring them out and dry them after each utilization.

How to Use a Makeup Removal Towel?

Using the makeup removal towel is not a difficult thing to do, but you have to make sure you are using it right. You just have to follow these three simple steps and voila your work is done.

Soaking the Makeup Removal Towel

First, you have to make the towel wet by soaking it in warm water. The more it is wet and warm, the better. But if your makeup is waterproof or semi-permanent, it is better if you rest the cloth for a few seconds after soaking it. At the point when wet, the towel makes a hydro-mechanical procedure that breaks the surface pressure of the oils that bond cosmetics to the skin.

Wiping and Exfoliating

Utilize the short fiber side to wipe off your makeup in delicate round movements. At that point, flip to long fiber, side with tag, to peel the skin. Exfoliation assists with buffing endlessly dead skin cells and uncover the fresher, smoother skin underneath. Your skin will be sparkling in the blink of an eye.

After Use

When soiled, toss your towel into the wash for a profound clean. On the off chance that you utilize a great deal of waterproof cosmetics all the time, wash utilized territory with cleanser and water in the sink as well as use stain remover before adding to clothing. A few mascaras have an engineered coal tar-like substance that makes it challenging to come out of the fabric. Treat with stain remover or use detergent.

Makeup Removal Towel Comes in Handy

A makeup removal towel is a reusable fabric you can use to expel your cosmetics delicately. They are softer, amiable, accurate, and comfortable. It comes in a size that is easy to carry whenever and wherever you are going.

Either you are planning for a short trip to some exotic place or a stay over at your friend’s place, at the end of the day, you just cannot wait to remove all your makeup, get into your pajamas and have a lovely peaceful evening. Your skin also deserves a moment of fresh breath after it gives you a flawless look with everything you have applied on your face for the whole day, and to give your skin that refreshing peace, you need an excellent and quick-to-use makeup removal towel.

As we are all aware of the fact that no matter how good the brand is, every makeup item contains all sorts of chemicals, which, in reality, is no friend to our skin. Our wholesale makeup removal towel comes with a no chemical characteristic. You are already using too much chemical in the form of all the makeup products, and you do not need more while wiping it off. Liberated from all the synthetic concoctions, this cosmetics remover disposes of a wide range of cosmetics, including stage, sports, and dramatic cosmetics. Every material will last a thousand washes, and you just need to include warm water and afterward evacuate cosmetics.

Perks of Makeup Removal Towel

Makeup removal towel is nowadays widely used all over the world. Even hotels and resorts are also including this makeup removal towel in their care package for every customer, and people are giving great reviews. Some of the most valuable perks of these products are mentioned below.

Approved by Skin Specialists

Skin specialists from all over the world have recommended the makeup removal towel for wiping away all the chemical loading cosmetics off your face. They have certified it as the best makeup removing product there is as it is delicate, chemical-free, and easy to use. Appropriate for all skin types, even touchy and problematic skin. It isn’t drying or grating. No requirement for cruel synthetic concoctions or cleanser on issue skin. It evacuates microscopic organisms all over and in your pores without influencing the skin’s distinctive corrosive mantle. The long rest side will profoundly purge your pores.

Anti-Allergic Factor

Our wholesale makeup removal towel is made of 100% pure cotton, which eliminates the factor of getting allergic. As the fabric is usually skin-friendly and softer to touch. 

A Friend to the Environment

As it has already been discussed that in comparison to makeup removal wipes, makeup removal towels are easy-to-use, can be washed and used again and again, and can be recycled. It is indeed a friend to the environment, as it does not need to be thrown away after every use. 

No Brutality for Your Skin

In the event that you have an inclination that you have ultra-delicate skin that is influenced and bothered by the synthetics in makeup removers, at that point, wholesale makeup removal towels are extraordinary for you as they are less cruel.

To Wrap It Up

Putting on the makeup and look refreshingly beautiful is a woman’s fundamental right. Still, it is also crucial to keep your skin under all the makeup hygienic and prevented from all the dangerous infections that can be caused by putting makeup for a long duration. Using our wholesale makeup removal towel will provide the ultimate guarantee that the makeup is washed up from the very pores of the skin, giving your skin a fresh and soothing feeling that could last for a while.

In the event that you are still utilizing the other means of makeup removal, it is high time that you make a switch to our wholesale makeup removal towels. If you wish to add a gentle exfoliation to your entire skincare routine, you should bring the use of makeup removal towels in your use. It will doubtlessly help you to buff away the dead skin cells and help to release the newer and way much smoother skin underneath.

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