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Kitchen Towels and Their Many Uses

Kitchen Towels and Their Many Uses

From wiping pasta-sauce (or any sauce) spills from the kitchen counter, drying dishes as they are washed, to using a towel as a cold compress; there are a lot of ways we use our common household kitchen towels. In fact, we haven’t seen a more hard-working ‘workhorse’ as the kitchen towel! Still chances are that homeowners fail to utilize their kitchen towel’s full potential. There are after all a variety of uses for even the scruffiest kitchen rag let alone a brand new from our wholesale online store.

Following is a list of the kitchen towel’s many uses in the kitchen and outside:

First Things First – What Is Kitchen Towel?

Many homeowners confuse their dish drying towel with one used primarily in the kitchen. Look at your towel? Does it have a cute drawing of birds etched on one corner? Here is news: it’s not a kitchen towel!

So, what is a kitchen towel? One which is plain, usually white and sporting a stripe. Kitchen towels are very utilitarian. Additionally, they have water absorbent qualities and are durable. Homeowners can easily buy kitchen towels in bulk and wholesale prices! 

Different Uses for Kitchen Towels

It’s true that you will need to keep a kitchen towel by your side whenever you cook. It’s because these items can be used as:

Improvised Pot Holder

Investing in a proper pot holder can save you from a lot of accidental burns, taking out hot baking trays from the oven or handling hot cookware. You may not always remember to use a proper pot holder though, which is why keeping a clean kitchen towel by your side can come in handy! 

Need to quickly grab your lasagna tray from the oven before the sauce dries? Fold a kitchen towel strategically that allows you to quickly grab something or handle a hot pan. 

Squeezing Water from Vegetables

Isn’t it annoying that you have to squeeze water from finely shredded apples or potatoes (and other vegetables) before adding to a dish? Even a little water can ruin a competed dish and this is where a kitchen towel can be used. Don’t have cheesecloth? Don’t worry. Place whatever you need to squeeze extra moisture out of in the center of the kitchen towel. Form a pouch by gathering the ends together, and twist them like Tootsie Roll wrapper. Continue tightening until all the liquid has been squeezed out.

What Not To Use Your Kitchen Towel For

There are numerous ways homeowners shouldn’t use their kitchen towels for, such as:

  • Using same towels for drying dishes and hands
  • Cleaning raw meat
  • Wiping up the sink

Your time in the kitchen will be incredibly difficult if not for a good, handy and reliable towel by your side to clean alongside your cooking. Make the most of The Towel Depot by buying pretty and useful kitchen towels for your restaurant’s or home’s kitchen today. 

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