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How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Blankets

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Blankets

Did you know that the average dog sheds approximately 50-100 hairs a day? If you’re a dog owner like us, then you know how frustrating it can be to find your beloved pup’s hair all over your blankets.

But fear not! We have some tried and true methods to help you remove those pesky dog hairs from your blankets. In this article, we will share with you our top tips for getting rid of dog hair from blankets so that you can enjoy cuddling up without the added fur.

From using lint rollers and tape to brushing your dog regularly and washing the blankets frequently, we’ve got you covered.

So grab your favorite blanket, and let’s dive into these simple yet effective solutions for keeping those furry friends’ hairs at bay!

Use a Lint Roller or Tape

To effectively remove dog hair from blankets, it’s recommended to utilize either a lint roller or adhesive tape.

When it comes to dealing with this pesky problem, we’ve found that these tools work wonders in getting rid of those stubborn strands of fur.

First off, let’s talk about the trusty lint roller. This handy device is designed specifically to tackle lint and pet hair on various surfaces, including blankets. Simply roll the sticky surface over the blanket, applying gentle pressure as you go along. The adhesive will pick up the dog hair like magic! Make sure to replace the sticky sheets when they become full to maintain optimal effectiveness.

If you don’t have a lint roller on hand, fret not! Adhesive tape can be just as effective. Grab a roll of duct tape or packing tape and wrap it around your hand with the sticky side facing outwards. Press the tape onto the blanket and lift it off in a swift motion. Repeat this process until all traces of dog hair are gone.

Both methods are quick and easy ways to get dog hair out of blankets without causing any damage. So next time Fido leaves his furry mark on your favorite throw, grab a lint roller or some adhesive tape and say goodbye to those unwanted hairs!

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Regularly brushing your furry friend will keep their beautiful coat healthy and minimize those pesky fur clumps on your cozy blankets. Brushing not only removes loose hair but also helps distribute natural oils, promoting a shiny and soft coat.

It’s important to choose the right brush for your dog’s specific needs. For example, short-haired breeds may benefit from a bristle brush, while long-haired breeds might require a slicker brush or combination rake.

To begin, find a comfortable location where both you and your dog can relax during the grooming session. Start by gently combing through their fur in the direction of hair growth, paying attention to areas prone to tangling or matting such as behind the ears or under the belly. Be sure to use gentle strokes to avoid causing any discomfort or pain.

While brushing, take this opportunity to check for any signs of skin irritation or parasites like fleas or ticks. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, consult with your veterinarian for further guidance.

Remember that consistency is key when it comes to brushing your dog regularly. Aim for at least once a week but adjust according to your dog’s specific needs and coat length. By making this grooming routine part of your regular schedule, you’ll not only keep their coat looking great but also minimize the amount of dog hair on your beloved blankets.

Wash the Blankets Frequently

Keeping your furry friend’s coat clean and fresh is essential in ensuring the longevity of your cozy blankets. Washing the blankets frequently is an important step to remove dog hair effectively. We find that throwing them into the washing machine on a regular basis helps keep those pesky pet hairs at bay.

First, we make sure to shake off any loose hair from the blankets before placing them in the machine. This simple step helps prevent clogging and ensures a more thorough cleaning. Then, we add a bit of liquid detergent to the wash cycle and set it on a gentle or delicate setting. It’s crucial to avoid using fabric softeners as they can actually attract more hair.

To maximize results, we also recommend adding half a cup of white vinegar during the rinse cycle. Vinegar acts as a natural fabric softener while also helping to loosen any remaining dog hairs for easier removal.

Once washed and dried, we take extra care when folding and storing our freshly cleaned blankets. Keeping them in sealed containers or bags can help prevent further accumulation of dog hair between uses.

By following these steps consistently, you’ll be able to enjoy snuggling up with your pup without worrying about stubborn dog hair ruining your blankets!

Vacuum the Blankets

Make sure you regularly use your vacuum to effectively maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your cozy blankets. Vacuuming is a simple yet effective way to get rid of dog hair that may have accumulated on your blankets.

Start by removing any loose hair from the blankets by lightly shaking them outside or using a lint roller. Then, attach the upholstery attachment to your vacuum cleaner and begin vacuuming the blankets in long, even strokes. Make sure to cover all areas, including corners and edges, as these are often hotspots for dog hair.

While vacuuming, pay close attention to any stubborn clumps of hair that may be embedded in the fabric. You can use a soft brush or rubber gloves to loosen these clumps before vacuuming them up. Be thorough but gentle, as excessive force may damage the blanket’s material.

To prevent future build-up of dog hair on your blankets, consider using protective covers or throws when cuddling with your furry friend. These can easily be washed more frequently than the entire blanket itself.

By regularly vacuuming your blankets and taking preventative measures, you can ensure they stay clean and free from pesky dog hair. So go ahead, grab that trusty vacuum cleaner and give those fluffy blankets some much-needed TLC!

Use a Fabric Softener Sheet

Using a fabric softener sheet is like giving your blankets a magical touch, leaving them irresistibly soft and smelling divine. Not only does it make cuddling up with your furry friend even more enjoyable, but it also helps to remove stubborn dog hair.

Here’s how:

  • Reduce static: Fabric softener sheets are designed to reduce static cling, making it easier for dog hair to be lifted off the blanket.
  • Attract and trap hair: The texture of the fabric softener sheet helps attract loose dog hair like a magnet. As you gently rub the sheet over the blanket, it traps the hair within its fibers.
  • Easy removal: Once you have gone over the entire surface of the blanket with the fabric softener sheet, simply shake or brush off any accumulated dog hair. It’s that easy!

By using a fabric softener sheet, you can effortlessly get rid of dog hair from your blankets while giving them an extra dose of freshness. Remember to replace the sheet after every use to ensure optimal results.

So go ahead and give this method a try – your blankets will thank you!

Try a Pet Hair Remover Tool

If you’re tired of constantly battling with pet hair on your blankets, why not try a pet hair remover tool? It’s a game changer when it comes to getting dog hair out of blankets. We discovered this amazing tool after trying various methods that didn’t quite do the trick. Let me tell you, it was like magic!

Using a pet hair remover tool is incredibly easy. Simply run the tool over your blanket and watch as it collects all the pesky dog hair in its bristles. It’s like giving your blanket a spa treatment! The best part is that these tools are designed to be gentle on fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your favorite blanket.

We were amazed at how effective the pet hair remover tool was. It effortlessly removed even the most stubborn dog hairs from our blankets. No more picking at individual hairs or using sticky tape to get them off! Plus, it saves us so much time and energy.

So if you’re ready for a hassle-free solution to get dog hair out of your blankets, we highly recommend giving a pet hair remover tool a try. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Use Rubber Gloves or a Damp Cloth

One surprising fact is that rubber gloves or a damp cloth can be incredibly effective in removing pet hair from your blankets. We were skeptical at first, but after trying it out, we were amazed at how well it worked.

The rubber gloves create static electricity when rubbed against the blanket, which helps to attract and lift the pet hair from the fabric. Simply put on a pair of rubber gloves and run your hands over the surface of the blanket in long sweeping motions. You’ll see the hair start to cling to the gloves, making it easy to remove.

If you don’t have any rubber gloves on hand, a damp cloth can also do wonders. Just wet a cloth with water and wring out any excess moisture. Then, lightly dampen the surface of the blanket and use gentle circular motions to pick up the pet hair. The slightly moistened cloth will help to loosen and lift the hair from the fabric.

After using either method, make sure to wash or rinse off any remaining pet hair from your gloves or cloth before continuing onto another area of your blanket. This will prevent you from spreading more hair around unintentionally.

So next time you’re struggling with dog hair on your blankets, don’t overlook this simple yet effective solution. Give rubber gloves or a damp cloth a try and see how easily they can remove those stubborn pet hairs!

Consider a Pet-Friendly Blanket Cover

Consider transforming your cozy blanket into a pet-friendly haven by using a specially designed cover that’ll keep it free from fur and dirt.

A pet-friendly blanket cover can be a great solution for keeping your blankets clean and hair-free, especially if you have a dog that sheds a lot. These covers are made with materials that repel pet hair, making it easier to remove any fur that does manage to cling onto the fabric.

One of the benefits of using a pet-friendly blanket cover is that it provides an extra layer of protection for your blankets. It acts as a barrier between your dog’s fur and the actual blanket, preventing any stray hairs from becoming embedded in the fabric. This makes cleaning much simpler and less time-consuming.

Another advantage of using these covers is their ease of use. They typically come with elastic edges or straps to secure them tightly around the blanket, ensuring they stay in place even during playful moments with your furry friend. Additionally, most covers are machine washable, so when they do get dirty or accumulate some fur, you can simply toss them into the washing machine for a quick and easy clean.

Investing in a pet-friendly blanket cover is an excellent way to protect your cozy blankets from dog hair and dirt. Not only do these covers repel pet hair, but they also provide added convenience with their easy-to-use design and machine washability. So why not give them a try? Your blankets will thank you!


As we bid farewell to the battle of banishing dog hair from our beloved blankets, we emerge victorious and snuggle up in a victory blanket cocoon. Armed with lint rollers, brushes, and the power of regular washing, we’ve conquered the fluffy invaders that once plagued our cozy haven.

With each flick of the vacuum and swipe of a fabric softener sheet, we’ve restored harmony to our sanctuary. So let’s revel in this triumph and drift off into dreams wrapped in serenity and dog-hair-free bliss.

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