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High Quality Salon Towels

If you own a salon, you might already know how important it is to use the highest quality towels and fabrics for your customers. It helps them relax, compliments the design of your salon or spa, and shows them exactly how serious you are about their beauty and comfort.

But a lot of salons and spas these days are skipping out on dedicated salon towels and buying lesser products in an attempt to save money. It may come as a surprise, but the towels many salons are opting to use these days are more suited towards mechanical work. Many buy rough, coarse fabrics that are cheaper, and less comfortable for potential customers.

This could save money in the short term, but in the long run, it’ll cost any salon money. Customers will eventually catch on, and they’ll gravitate more and more towards other spas. Much of the industry’s traffic is generated through word-of-mouth, so a salon with a reputation for cutting corners is likely to lose business over time.

It’s best to use the highest quality salon towels available. Keep in mind — you’re dealing with people’s hair and skin, not a car or machine. Many local retailers offer products to salons that are more suited towards auto body work. Give your customers what they deserve, and stay informed on how to spot quality towels from the fakes.

Shopping online usually offers the best results. You can find deals online that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Most stores won’t carry a huge stock of premium towels, so your best bet for ordering in bulk and ordering the right product lies there.

Here’s a short run down of why you might want to purchase high quality salon towels that were manufactured with your salon’s needs in mind:

-Most high level salon towels are 100% cotton, so they’re more durable and comfortable than the industry standard.

-The colors and sizes are more customizable, so you can choose towels that match the inside of your salon.

-They’ll resist bleach and other common hair products, which would normally reduce the life of a towel by a significant amount. You’ll save money by having towels that don’t quit when working with people’s hair and skin. 

-Your customers know the difference! Use products that were designed for their comfort, not for washing a car or countertop, and they’ll appreciate you for it.

In short, your clients deserve the best! Show them how much you care about them with high quality towels that were created specifically for your industry’s needs. Cutting corners may seem appealing when you’re pouring over your books, but your customers will hate it.

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