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Life is short, let’s get groomed!

“You only live once” has been the statement of the 21st century. With so much negativity around us, one should always look at the brighter side or the greener side of the garden. Do the things that you enjoy. Spread love and happiness and most importantly feel good.

If you are contented from inside there is nothing that can make you upset. Stay away from negative vines and let positivity flow in. Feel good and look good. Don’t let anyone take away that spark that you have inside yourself. Life is full of obstacles and challenges for everyone, the getaway from this hurdle can be good words on lips and a groomed you. 

Women have always taken the extra mile when it comes to grooming or taking care of themselves. Well, these days’ men have jumped on the bandwagon too. Salons have taken up the market and it has turned into a huge industry now. From celebrities to working women and even housewives visit salons once in two weeks. 

Pockets get hollow and beauty products get out of stock, but the grooming part doesn’t stop. 

Salons are now effortlessly found in every area. You will find branded ones and local ones. There will be a salon for every man/woman there. People often stop over at salons to have their time off from the chaotic routine. Spa dates are very common where you enjoy a full day getting massaged and experiencing gold facials with your best friend. 

A salon is a place where you go and relax. Salon owners hire several experienced staff who deal with different sections in the salon. Some might do your hair, while others will be good at skin and massages. 

Is your salon following safety measures?

A salon is a place where people come and get their grooming services done. Whether it is a men’s salon or a female salon, hygiene should be on the uppermost list in places like these. 

Contamination is very usual in places where tools are used on different people and the place remains crowded. Maintaining hygiene and having an appropriate care routine in the salon is very important. Utensils like combs, brushes, scissors, and rollers are things that are in usage abundantly. Your clients should know that the things that are being used on her have been sterilized and properly washed with a disinfectant. 

Floors, chairs, tables, and even the reception counter should be disinfected every day. Someone liable should be given the task of making sure that the hygiene steps are not neglected. 

Gowns and towels are also a requirement in salons. They are the core carriers of bacteria because of the materials. The fiber in the towel if not washed properly can settle in. So, whenever you visit a salon or a hair bar, make sure that all hygiene practices are up to date in that place so that you can loosen up and carry out your spa day. 

Why are Salon Towels different?

Salon Towels are very important to a salon. Towels cannot be overlooked in a spa or a salon. Spa and salon owners like to keep their towels white mostly because they look beautiful and gives us a sense of calmness when the towel gets wrapped up on our hair or body.

Wholesale Salon towels bulk are different. They are available in different sizes and materials. They should have high absorbency and should be long-lasting too. Wholesale Salon towels are used every day, they get washed and they are back in the salon. Salon owners need towels that do no bleed colors too if they have purchased solid colored ones. 

Importance of Salon Towels in the Glam world

The fashion industry is huge and in their glam world, wholesale salon towels do have their importance. We will look into two types of towels here; Reusable Towels and Disposable Towels. 

Generally, salons and saps use reusable towels. You come in the salon and all the towels are nicely stacked on top of one another or rolled up like a cylinder ready for you. These towels have been used by other people who came in the salon and then were washed and were ironed for reuse. These towels will be seen at all the work stations in the salon, all used for different purposes. They also use a lot of water and electricity, since all the towels have to be cleaned thoroughly for use, and should be neat and spiky for the new client. 

Disposable towels are also used in some salons. Disposable towels are disposed of after one use, which means they are not used on some other client again. Salons also go for eco-friendly options like many other businesses. They are trying to use less plastic and also less use of products that may cause harm to the environment. Disposable towels are of paper material rather than cotton ones. They cannot be compared to the cotton ones since they are to be used only once. Well, but no washing and drying would be required and a large number of resources will be saved. Electricity won’t be used too, you just saved a part of your electricity bill. 

Whichever type of salon towels a salon chose to offer their clients, towels sure are an important essential in their salons. From the nail station to the hair bar, services will stay incomplete if wholesale salon towels are not there. 

Would you consider the Whites or the Colored? 

Salons also have their brand guidelines. Some chose to have a very girly look while others want to show a more intricate luxury ambiance. Whatever look and feel you want to give to your customers, towels get adjusted according to the theme of your choice.

Salon towels are available in bright colors and whites. The majority of the salons chose to have white towels as they have a very soothing effect on the client, as the main purpose of the visit to the salon is to relax and groom. On the other hand, if your ambiance is not so light colored and you like to have bold colors, then colored wholesale salon towels might be your choice. 

Whited or colored, both will have their pros and cons.

You wouldn’t your salon towels to have stains and shades of the last dye you did on your customer. Towels are reused, and if they have stains on them even after washing won’t leave a very good impression on your brand and your customer. Your client might not even feel contented using that towel on herself or himself. If you are sure that the towels are bleach-resistant, then you have made a safe choice. 

White towels can also be easily matched with other colors. If you have a dark cold room in your salon, white-colored towels will lower down the tone. While white has always been a classic color, it will never go out of fashion and will always look decent and elegant. Some people think that white-colored towels look cleaner because there is nothing to hide under the color. It also gives a more luxurious and upscale look to your salon. Whites are easily cleaned too since there is no fear of getting color on it. Hot water won’t damage your white wholesale salon towels too. 

If your salon has colored towels and they add a nice pop of color to your salon, maintaining that color might a difficult job. Colored towels can always be switched to new colors with seasons and festivals. Use bold, bright colors or go for pastels if summers have approached in your city.

Match the towels with your brand colors and use complementary colors. This hack will give your salon a bright new look. Having different color options available at the salon can also be a nice marketing hack. Clients can choose the color that they want their spa and salon services in. Each color of the towel can depict a specific salon service. 

Staining will be less. The products used in salons have a lot of chemicals in them and it is common to get some product on the towels that your hair is wrapped in or even on your clothes. Salon staff takes care of any marks or stains that happen to come on your clothes, to avoid any fading and mess. 

Always remember to use a mixture of bleach and water when bleaching your towels. Never use bleach directly on towels whether they are colored, or in whites. 

Where to find the person salon towel?

Towel Depot – Sells the perfect salon towel in 16 x 27 Inches. 100% Cotton bleach safe.

Salon Towel Size and Weight

Salon towels are not very heavy in weight. They have to remain light so that they don’t feel like a burden when you use them. They are used daily in the salon hence the weight and the size of the towels should be convenient and easy to handle. 

Sizes may vary and you will find different sized wholesale salon towels in the market. You need to find the best-suited towel which will act as a companion forever in your salon.

The typical size of our wholesale salon towels is 16 X 27 inches. This is the size that is used in most of the salons. Some might have different sized towels according to their needs. They come in a dozen pack, so a purchase will have 12 towels. Salons order towels in bulk since it is an important part of their salon items. 

Cotton towels are very light-weight and they absorb the moisture quite well. 100% pure natural fabrics have their appeal. No chemicals are blended in cotton salon towels, so you are carefree about having an allergy or itchiness to the clients while using these towels. They also don’t have any fluff while having a wash which is a cherry on top. 

Do not let bacteria settle in

Towels are a source for bacteria and dirt to settle in. the fibers in the towel grab the dirt and hence if they are not washed properly, the bacteria can get transferred from one person to another causing sickness and infections. 

The microfiber towel is a good choice for the salon. The best thing about microfiber is that they dry out pretty fast and are high in absorbing water. Make sure to dry out these towels before you use them again to avoid any wetness and bacteria.

Cotton towels can easily be washed multiple times and will stay fresh all day long. They are long-lasting and will not wear out. Washing and keeping the towels disinfected is the only way to prevent any kind of bacteria and infections produced by them. Make sure the textured weaves don’t have any dirt in, and you are good to go.

Durable and Fluffy

Your salon towels should be durable and strong. The hassle of purchasing these towels, again and again, will not be beneficial for your salon. Heavy-duty towels will always remain ready to be used while the old ones will wear off and will have threads coming out of the fabric. All those pulls and snags will not be a good scenario and won’t be attractive for any customer that walks in. Imagine the towel being used on the hands or feet and strands of thread are coming out making the whole salon experience total waste. 

Salon towels should be super soft because their main drive is to be used on the skin. Maximum skin contact happens with the towels in a salon. Cotton and microfiber towels are soft and fluffy and are the main two materials used in the salon in towels.

You don’t want a harsh material to be used in your salon as it may cause a rash and unnecessary friction with the skin. A warm soft towel wrapped around the head after a relaxing massage in your salon is what will make the customer come back again for that enchanting experience. 

Towels are also used to wrap around the hands and feet. Warm damn towels take away all the stress from your feet and in return soothes your mind. The towels can maintain their fluffiness if a fabric softener is used after they are bleached and washed. Fabric softeners are used when the rinse cycle is on. It not only gives an extra softness to the towels but also leaves a very good smell. 

Customize your Salon Towels

Have a Logo designed for your salon and want to have a customized feel to the towels used in your salon? Get your logo embroidered on the towels and have them look all classy and branded. Many salons customized their essentials according to the brand guidelines of their company. Using your logo at the corner of the towel won’t do any harm.

Make sure the thread color used in the embroidery does not bleed and is also bleach-resistant. If the threads bleed and are not colorfast, they will ruin the whole stack of towels getting washed in one cycle. We don’t want that kind of a mess. Use your logo at the corner of the towel, so that it doesn’t touch the skin which may irritate the user of the towel. 

If you collaborate with any other salon or maybe some spa for a marketing tactic, your logo will stand out in the towels. Also, there is no chance that the towels will get lost.

A separate towel for a separate counter

Salon towels are used in almost all the service stations in the salon. The nail station will have their towels and the hair bar will have their towels.

It is absolutely necessary to separate these towels and the staff should be careful enough not to mix them up. They might differ in size as each service has its size demand. Every station towels are also washed independently because we don’t want the cruel chemicals mix in the other towels of another station. 

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