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Don’t Throw Old Towels

Today we are showing how to make a washcloth, using any old towel, You can call it a dishcloth or a cleaning cloth out of an old towel that is raggedy or has become worn these are two examples; What you do is we like the size of about twelve by twelve inches, from our bulk washcloths product page or you can even cut from any towel you already own.

You can do it using two methods you can either use a zig-zag stitch, or you can use the double overlock stitch these are the settings on our machine, I am sure you’ve some industrial machine or even better machine at your business or house.

We are going to prepare based on what we’ve using, the double overlock; You don’t even have to turn the edges under, All you have to do is to start to stitch using it and keep stitching all the way around the outside now if you use the zig-zag setting I would suggest that you need the stitch length to be about 1 and the stitch width to be about 4 and a half inches or not four and a half inches set on four and a half and you would zig-zag around it two times for the double overlock stitch you only have to do it around there once, and you would continue to go all the way around once you do that it would look like the picture we posted above. 

Now as you see on here I’ve even left the band in there this is the zig-zag stitch, and this is what it looks like the overlock stitch, Instead of throwing old towels always make use out of it, either making a cloth diaper or even using them in any other way.

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