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Dog Grooming Guide

Taking care of your dog’s belongings can be overwhelming. It is important to keep your pet’s things in order so that they are never out of place and are ready whenever you need them. Maintenance of such products won’t be a hassle if they are washed and looked after weekly or required.

Grooming items for pets include wholesale dog grooming towels, brushes, tubs, chemical-free shampoos, bath toys, nail cutters to clip their nails etc. Wholesale Dog Grooming towels are purchased on wholesale as well, so that you always have some in stock and never run out of them. They are by far the most important item on the whole list since it dries their bodies and keeps the furry animals warm and cozy.

Dog Grooming Guide


Check your Grooming Towels

Well, do you know that you can get your dog’s grooming towel if you do not pay attention to little details. Let’s look at some of the things that might help you with your dog’s towels‘ durability.

  • We hung our wholesale dog grooming towels on the hook to dry them. Hanging the towel is a normal practice and is okay. While hanging, one towel over the top of another towel will not be okay. The moisture will lock in between the towels’ folds, and they might smell and make them musty. Moreover, you just gave access to bacteria to settle in.
  • Using a fabric softener for dog grooming towels isn’t bad, but using too much softener will ruin your towels. The chemicals in the fabric softener will make the pet grooming towels less absorbent.
  • Don’t overdo laundry detergents as well. Using a detergent to clean the towels is okay, but overdoing anything will ruin the softness and the durability of the dog grooming towels.
  • There has been a debate on how much the wholesale dog grooming towels should be washed. Well, generally, the pet grooming towels should be washed after being used two times. Since dogs have a lot of fur on their bodies and the towels have germs, fur and other skin particles, it is better not to wait to use them for the third time.
  • Always check the tag of your towels and follow the instructions that are given to you. If you think hot water is better for your wholesale dog grooming towels and not been mentioned on the tag, it is better to avoid it. Hot water can dull your towels’ color and make the towel lose its shine and softness.
  • Always use a medium cycle to wash the dog grooming towels. We do not want the loops of the towels to get loosen up or tear away. If you think that the dog grooming towels have some tough stains on them, you can always fill a bucket with some water and some mild detergent to soak them for an hour or so before tossing them in the washing machine.
Pet Grooming Towels Bulk


Washing Techniques for your Pet Grooming Towels

  • Try to wash your towels separately from another laundry. It is also advisable and the correct way to wash colored towels and whites in different cycles to make sure the colors don’t bleed and ruin your dog’s grooming towels.
  • It is better to see the label of each towel and see which cycle speed is recommended for each towel. Bleach can be used on wholesale grooming towels. They will not hurt the cotton fibers of the towels.
  • Drying your towels with low to medium heat will not break or wear your grooming towels’ fibers. Always fold the towels once they have completely dried up. If you try to fold the towels while they are numb, the creases in the towels will ruin the fiber loops of your pet’s favorite towel.
  • Always shake them out before you fold them. The towels should be completely dry. Take some extra care, and they will go a long way with you and your pet.
  • If the stubborn mildew smell stays in the towels, always keep them separately to keep the other towels fresh.
  • Do not over-dry your grooming towels. Drying the towels over and over again will not be beneficial for the towels in the long run. They will lose their softness and will be ruined.
  • Always keep a normal load in the machine. Too many towels in the washing machine will not be good as it will make the cycle run slow, and the towels might also get tangled.

Where to buy wholesale dog grooming towels?

Towel Depot offers variety of sizes when it comes to your perfect dog grooming towel, available in 100% cotton.

15 x 25
20 x 40
22 x 44
24 x 48


Following the above steps will make your Pet Grooming Towels go a long way and maintain their absorbency and softness.

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