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Choosing Gym Towels According To Your Workout Routines

Gym Towel Routine

With over 60 million Americans following a regimented gym routine in 2017, there is a growing need for gym towels and active wear every year. 

Just as much diversity there lies in types of workouts, fitness plans and diet routines; there is equal choice between towels. The key is to know what exactly you need to pick out the right gym towel for yourself. 

Even though the needs of people going to the gym are fairly similar, there still may be some differences based on personal preferences and bodily needs. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when picking out a gym towel for your workout routine. 

Firm Protection

Since gyms are public places where a lot of members work out at the same time, the risk of spreading germs through a shared use of machines is high. 

Some people avoid wearing head bands and wrist bands and this is a reason why their sweat rolls down their arms and foreheads onto machines and the equipments that they are using. 

Therefore using towels as a barrier between your body and the equipment is a safer option. This is why the towels chosen should not be so soft that they easily transfer sweat moisture on the other side. 

Without compromising on comfort, gym towels should be as firm as to become an effective protection for your sweat.

Sweat Absorption

Needless to say, gym towels should have good absorption. People tend to perspire profusely while doing rigorous exercises. This is why it is important to keep a towel that absorbs moisture well. 

Towels with sufficient loops are more absorbent since they can trap moisture within them. 

Worn out towels that are threadbare would not absorb moisture as well. 

However, this does not mean that you need luxury towels for gyms. A moderately-absorbent towel should do the job just right.

Easy To Dry

With strict routines, you need your gym gear to be ready on time every day. 

People who go to the gym daily need to have gym towels that dry fast after washing. Fluffier towels that take long hours or even a day to dry are inconvenient for gym use. 

Thin gym towels are a better option because they dry quickly. But their drawback is that they wear out and become threadbare sooner. 

The best strategy is to keep more than one towel to use alternately in order to reduce your reliance and the chances of overuse on one. 

Limited Lint

If your towel is picking up too much lint, it is probably an indication that you made the wrong choice for a gym towel

Towels shed a lot and develop lint while drying. This may be because the dryer is set at a very fast rate or that your towel needs air drying. 

Since this is a problem common to all towels, it is not entirely avoidable. It can be minimized, however, with tips for maintaining lint-free towels

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