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Buying Beach Towels for Your Hotels and Resorts


In your everyday busy life, you seldom get time for a good holiday and vacation. But when you do, you definitely want to have a good trip with your family and friends. Beaches are good spots for vacations. While choosing a good spot, it is equally important to select a nice hotel and resort, as your short stay should be as much as comfortable as possible. A good vacation or a holiday certainly cheers you up.

While traveling, you would not want an extra burden with you, as you would prefer only essentials to be taken with you. But there is one thing that you mostly do not carry but is essential when required. That is a towel.

A good stay at a hotel necessitates a good relationship between the hotel staff and the guests. This requires all the essentials to be provided by the hotel management to its visitors. This accounts for a good reputation of a hotel and subsequently promotes business by more frequent visits.

Types of Resort Towels Provided In Various Hotels

Different types of towels provided in various hotels are described below:

hotel resort wash cloths 1 Buying Beach Towels for Your Hotels and Resorts

Wash Towels

Wash towels are used to apply soap all over the body instead of hands. This allows dead cells to be removed and causes soap to spread evenly over the body. These are offered in various sizes and come in white, light, and dark colors.

Bath Towels

Bath towels are meant to dry the body after a shower or body wash. They are standard in size and rectangular in shape. They are specially designed with the capacity to absorb moisture very efficiently. They are available in a variety of colors and designs to add to the décor of bathrooms.

Hand Towels

Hand towels, like elsewhere, are also utilized in hotels. They are commonly found hanging beside the washbasins. These are a convenient way of drying hands after washing. The use of good quality cotton makes it gives it a softer texture. These are available in many colors.

cabana stripe beach towels Buying Beach Towels for Your Hotels and Resorts

Beach Towels

Regarding resorts (and better quality inns), it is tied in with creating a custom purchaser experience. Quality beach towels can give an expanded feeling of extravagance and solace when your customers are relaxing poolside. In case you are a resort or hotel owner turns out to be the place where it is interminably radiant (we are so desirous); at that point, it is consistently wise to have your pool supplied with beach towels.

You can help discover beach towels with better receptiveness by paying a unique mind to towels with a higher GSM (grams per square meter) esteem. There is nothing more irritating than managing a wobbly towel that transforms into a wet cloth after you hit the pool. Try not to get your clients through that!

Bath Mats

Bath mats are designed for bathroom floors. These are usually rectangular in shape. They are used to keep the bathroom floors dry and prevent falls. They absorb moisture effectively, the shape adding to its advantage. Bath mats come in dark colors and various designs to add to bathroom décor.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are similar to bath towels. The only difference is a larger size to cover, absorb moisture, and wear in a skirt style.

Which Material Are Beach Towels Made of?

When we think about the materials of towels, the first thing that comes to our mind is the use of cotton. Most towels are made from 100% cotton, while others are combined. Below listed are some types of materials used for hotel towels.

100% Cotton

This is pure cotton and shares all its features: being incredibly soft, lush, and absorbent. This is the best choice for any setting.

Open End Cotton

These are also made of 100% cotton but are available at affordable prices. This makes them suitable for areas of high demand.

Ring-Spun Cotton

This is 100% cotton with an extra silky feel. This is a long-lasting choice for casual to expensive locations.

Cotton/Polyester Blend

This combines 86% cotton, and 14% polyester ring spun yarns. It is soft and durable to use. It is also an excellent choice for business on a budget.

Zero Twist Cotton

This variety is mainly used for the environmental purpose as it requires less cotton. It is lighter in weight than regular twisted ones and has a soft feel. It also dries extremely fast.

Beach Towels vs. Bath Towels

Beach towels and bath towels can be confused with each other easily. This is due to their similar uses. But there are specific differences present between both, and both of them share their particular properties. This is the reason for their specificity. The comparison between both the beach and bath towels is mentioned below.


Both beach and bath towels are designed according to areas of their use. Beach towels are designed with multiple floral, cartoon, and other beautiful patterns to make them look attractive and catch attention. Simultaneously, bath towels come in decent and solid colors with simple designs that go well with the bathroom decors.


The main difference between the bath and beach towels is their size. Beach towels are meant for lying on the beach; that is why they have an extra length, unlike its counterpart that is available in standard sizes.


The price of any material varies according to its use and demand. Throughout the year, bath towels are utilized more often than beach towels. Therefore, they are commonly available at reasonable prices. Bath towels have plain and decent colors and designs. Thus, their use is what accounts for its price. In contrast, beach towels are mainly specific for one season. They come in numerous designs and patterns, which determines the cost of these towels.


Thickness is a quality that accounts explicitly for the use of each towel. Bath towels are meant to absorb water after a bath; that is why they need to be thicker. They take time to dry. Simultaneously, beach towels are just the means to lie on the sand on the beach. Thus, merely acting as a separating barrier between the person and sand. This is why they are thin and dry quickly in sunlight.

To Sum it up

In the event that a comprehensive is a destination for a tourist, at that point, give up the towels. No compelling reason to bring a towel as servants fully restock the room towels day by day. Likewise, you do not have to welcome one on the beach or pool, all things considered.

Resorts give customers a towel key, which permits the tourist to get as new towels as wanted on the off chance that your towel gets moist and clammy. Not to stress, you can essentially go to the towel cottage and supplant it as quickly as possible. Loading up on the correct kinds of towels will profit your lodging. It is justified, despite all the trouble, to put resources into a top-notch sort of towel.

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