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Bleach Safe Salon Towels

What is a bleach resistant towel? How about a salon towel?

A bleach resistant salon towel or bleach safe salon towels is exactly as it sounds! They come in all shapes and sizes and come suited to a wide range of purposes, but the umbrella term says it all. Bleach resistant towels are just towels that have undergone chemical treatment prior to sale, which allows them to retain their usability after exposure to bleach.

This is necessary because bleach is very corrosive. Other chemicals related to beauty and health can also be damaging to skin, eyes, or fabrics. Think of hair dye, nail polish thinner, and the like. These chemicals are dangerous and unsafe to handle in large quantities without the proper equipment and safeguards. 

A salon towel is another umbrella term focusing on any towel designed for use inside of a salon. Any kind of salon — tanning, hair, nails, you name it. Many will find their perfect fit in towels that are roughly the same size, shape, and color. Any towels adhering to these tenants may be considered a salon towel. 

For example, anything cotton-based, medium in size, and colored to appear attractive and clean may fall under this category.

Who buys bleach resistant salon towels?

Everyone does! We sell all sorts of clients. Our customers use our towels in the home, at work, and for their businesses. By far our most popular customers are beauty salons. Think along the lines of tanning salons, hair and nail salons, and any other establishments which look after people’s cosmetic health. 

These businesses are our biggest buyers because they deal with multiple clients on a daily basis and have a large need for towels. More so than the average home or non-health related place of business.

We have other products that are most popular with hotels, the automotive industry, and the sanitation industry. Bleach resistant salon towels are designed to match the specific needs of salons and other beauty stores.

Why use this type of towel?

You should use this towel if you think it’ll come in handy for any needs you may come across. They’re designed with the average salon in mind, but that doesn’t exclude any other businesses or individuals from benefiting from them. For example, we know many of our customers who buy these towels buy them for use around the home. Use them at your discretion — they’re great for a lot of things, and the performance is hard to beat wherever you’re using them.

That’s on the one hand. On the other hand, there is one line of business we must insist use this type of towel or something markedly similar: the beauty industry. 

The reasons for using this sort of towel if you run an establishment providing beauty care to clients are numerous. To name a few:

–       Irritability. Cotton is very soft, absorbent, and most importantly breathable. This makes it far more ideal for contact with human skin than most other fabrics. You can see evidence of this in other industries such as the bedding or linens industries. The highest quality materials in most “human touch” scenarios contain cotton or a fabric that was designed based on cotton’s performance.

–       Chemical resistance. This is of the utmost importance for salons. Think of hair dye, thinners, highlights, and bleach itself. All of these chemicals can be extremely corrosive (and especially irritating to the eyes and skin), chewing away at towels and other fabrics as if someone were standing nearby ripping them in half! If a towel is to have any fair shot at a healthy life cycle inside of your average American salon, it needs to be able to resist the chemicals we’re using. 

–       Washability. If you’re running a business where multiple clients will be receiving service, you’ll need the ability to maintain a rotating stock of items necessary to the running of your business without placing orders after every new customer. That’s where washability comes into play. Believe it or not, many fabrics are quite frail and susceptible to damage when subject to washing and drying cycles. Those materials are not suitable for hair and nail and tanning salons because the towels need to be able to survive hundreds (if not more) of washes. The average wash also needs to be very effective. A towel can’t retain any residues or indications of previous use, lest customers get upset. These towels retain their buy quality after washing and they take nothing with them from one customer to the next. 

–       Durability. Another huge factor in determining the right towel for your salon. Cotton towels of this weight are extraordinary in their ability to survive whatever you can throw at them. Some towels or rags may fall straight apart with a heavy application of force or heavy use. That sort of lack of performance would be unacceptable in the modern salon, so a towel must be very durable if it is to find its home in one.

Our bleach resistant salon towels meet all of the above criteria.

Our towels

All bleach resistant salon towels are made from 100% cotton. This ensures that the fabric adheres to the highest standards of durability and breathability. Any materials designated for contact with human hair or skin should always be soft, breathable, and able to provide an irritation-free experience. Washability is another advantage of cotton given its ability to sustain hundreds of washes before showing signs of wear. A cotton towel is also thoroughly cleansable and carries nothing over from one client to the next. 

A product from this line is bleach resistant and ideal for use with human hair and skin. As such it is a perfect match for the retail environment. Cotton that is treated for chemical resistance is able to sustain multiple wash cycles. With bleach being one of the most common agents in a salon, a towel that can sustain its initial buy quality after heavy use and exposure is essential.

The blend of cotton and bleach resistance is the industry standard for fabrics meant for human contact. Other thread combinations may seem rough, coarse, or uncomfortable to a customer’s skin. Polyester, for example, would not be ideal for rubbing across one’s skin. It would also forfeit the absorbency, coloration, durability, and washability advantages that a cotton build enjoys.


Our bleach resistant salon towels are manufactured at 16” x 27”. This towel is perfect for use in any environment where bleach is used, though we’ve designed it with hair and nail salons in mind. The above towel size is the industry standard because they’re large enough for most (if not all) jobs in the salon industry and small enough to save on space and avoid affronting the aesthetic theme of a salon.

In other words, 16” x 27” is a perfect match for the salon business. All of our products in this line meet that industry standard.

The weight of this towel is also ideal for salons. While some salons and other cosmetic installments may opt for thicker and heavier towels (giving the “fluffy” look, encouraging a feeling of comfort), the industry is most at home using a towel weighing in at around 3lbs per dozen.

This weight allows for easy bundling, all-in-one washing cycles, and yet another way to save on space.

If you’re looking for a towel of different dimensions or makeup, we have other products available that achieve similar results. The above dimensions apply to this line of towels only.

What kind of customization options are there?

There are a ton! The Towel Depot has conducted extensive research into the salon business. It’s our understanding that certain colors work best for most salons. Color schemes that promote a clean and comforting feeling are the most effective for your business.

Each of the industry-standard color schemes is available plus a few more. This means your salon (whichever scheme you’ve chosen) will find its perfect color match in towels from the Towel Depot.

Shortlist of our best sellers :

– Burgundy

– Hazelnut Brown

– Navy Blue

– Hunter Green

– Charcoal Grey

– Silver Grey

– Eggplant

– Black

– White

– Bone

– Beige

– Light Blue

As you can see there are enough colors for any purpose. We also stock vivid and imaginative colors like eggplant a charcoal grey — comfortable and inviting colors which your clients will enjoy. Grey encourages relaxation and eggplant has a regal feel that makes customers feel like they’re receiving the royal treatment.

If you’re in need of other colors feel free to contact us for help in choosing a towel from another line with different coloration options.

Order options and availability

There are “seasons” in the salon industry just like there are in any other industry. The same goes for the textile industry. Thanks to this there are times of the year where towels with the perfect blend of attributes are hard to come by.

That said, The Towel Depot always has a prime stock of bleach resistant salon towels. The beauty industry is one of our favorites to work with, and we take pride in our ability to provide service to them 365 days a year. We prepare for all comers at all times, so market fluctuations and seasonal availability issues will never affect you. 

Order options vary. Because we sell wholesale and the majority of our salon customers prefer to buy the following packaging.

– 10 dozen

– 5 dozen

These are popular order sizes because there are enough towels in each bundle to last for a long time, though the bundle sizes are still easily shippable to your place of business. They’re also very manageable once they arrive. Each bundle weighs about 32lbs per package, so anyone licensed to carry up to 50 lbs (most employees of any business) will be able to handle the whole thing!

I’d like to hear more…

That’s great! The Towel Depot is standing by to discuss the ins and outs of any of our lines of towels. If salon towels are of interest to you but you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready to pull the trigger on a sale, feel free to give us a call and make us aware of any questions and concerns you may have. The people answering your call are the same people who select our fine textiles, so you can hear everything you need to know straight from the experts themselves!

You’re also welcome to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, or via any other means you see fit. We are here for you.

Heard enough?

That was a lot of information to take in! We strive to provide as much transparency and as much information as possible to our clients.

The Towel Depot not only distributes but has a hand in manufacturing the world’s finest textiles. We also work arm-in-arm with hundreds of salons across America and abroad. We know what your business needs to maintain a professional, clean, and efficient environment. Our bleach-resistant salon towels reflect our desire to connect you with a product designed specifically for your needs. Don’t settle for less or be fooled by imitations that are not 100% cotton or 100% designed with you in mind.

Thank you for shopping with the Towel Depot. Head over to our order page or have a look around for other products that may suit your needs.

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