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Best Towels for Massage

You might think that towels are only needed to dry your face and body after you take a shower or wash your face. Even some people who are way too interested in cars and automobiles know the importance of spa towels when it comes to cleaning their vehicles. However, the use of towels is beyond your garage and house.

There are many other places where towels hold great significance. You might not know, but they are being chosen very carefully when the spa or salon owners make a visit to the market to purchase them.

In this article, we will discuss all about the towels for the spa and salon usage.

Best Towels for Massage

What To Look for When Buying Spa Towels

You have set up your spa center, and now all that is missing are towels. There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when buying towels, and this can be a daunting task. So instead of going through a long list of requirements, we will only look into a handful of qualities that would be sufficient for your spa.

Towel Looks Matters

You have probably would have come across the saying before that the first impression is the last one. The same applies to your towels. The looks of the towels at your spa should be appealing to the eye. The color of the towels should dazzle the eyes of the customer. Ok, that is a bit too much. In short, the towels should be good looking and attractive. This impression goes a long way with the customers.

Before we move on to which color suits your spa, here is a friendly reminder. To keep your towels looking young, you need to take care of them. Old or worn-out towels are not suitable for the business. They look bad, and they reduce the satisfaction of your customers. So, make sure that your towels are taken care of.

Moving over to the color selection of the towels, you first have to make sure that they complement the interior of the spa, the linens, and most important of all, they should reflect your brand identity.

Now selecting an attractive towel does not mean that you get the brightest colored towel. That is a big no, and it is very unappealing. It would be best if you went for something that could uplift the client’s mood. Below are a few examples of how different hues impact a customer’s perspective:

  • White-colored towels reflect freshness and cleanliness
  • Red-colored towels define the meaning of luxury
  • Light-colored towels, such as blue or green, reflect a relaxing atmosphere
  • Black-colored towels define modernity and boldness.
  • Yellow colored complements a happy and cheerful environment

These were just a few examples of how the color of the towels can act as a catalyst in customer satisfaction. There are tons of other colors available, but make sure that those color complement all the aspects of your spa.

Easy to Maintain

When you run a massage and facial salon, you got to take care of a lot of spa facial towels wholesale. Yes, there are loads of towels to maintain in your spa, and let’s say it comes with the package. You cannot avoid them. So, the best out of this situation is to know your towels and linens. It will be easier for you to maintain, and you can wash them accordingly, which will help them last longer. There are a lesser number pre-requisites that you need to keep in mind when buying towels for your spa.

  • Buy towels of the same color. The trick is to utilize the washing machines to maximum capability. Having different colored towels would require separate washes and a longer time, plus it would be hard to keep a count of different colored towels. This is the most substantial reason why it is highly recommended to use towels of the same color.
  • The towels should be of the same material. Different towels require additional attention. They need to be washed and dried as per their fabric requirement. Therefore, it would be wise to buy towels of the same material so that you do not have to remember different washing methods.
  • Buy bleach-safe towels. You cannot avoid the stains in your spa, and the only way to fight them is by using bleach. So be sure to use bleach-safe towels to prevent any damages to it.

These tips will help you in the long run. Not only, the towels will look fresh, but its regular maintenance would also improve customer satisfaction, and you know that happy customers are fruitful for the business.

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Soft and Comfy Towels

The reason why people visit a spa is to relax. They need a relaxing and comfortable environment where they can forget all their worries and escape from the daily hustle of life. For that, you need to have soft and cozy towels. The feel of the towel should be able to provide extra levels of comfort to the customer. They should fall in love with the thick and plushy fabric of the towel.

To keep towels comfortable and soft, maintain them regularly. The towels should be washed and dried correctly to avoid pilling, which can steal the softness of the towel. It is recommended that you buy towels made out of 100% cotton from a Towel Depot.

To provide super-extra comfort to the customers, go the extra mile, and buy organic bath towels weaved out of ring spun cotton towels. These towels are a customer-delighter, and it will take your ratings through the roof.

Where to buy spa towels Best Towels for Massage

What Linens Do You Need for Your Spa?

Now that we have covered what you should look out for when buying towels for your spa, we will now move on to the type of linens you need for your spa.  Linens also play a vital role in running a good spa salon. So, what kind of linens do you need for your spa? We have listed down a few towels and linens that are essential for your massage and facial salon.

Massage Sheets

The first type of linens on the list is massage table sheets. Like all the other fabrics, they have an essential role in running your spa salon. The sheets are used to cover the spa tables so that the customer’s body will not directly come into contact with the table. Instead, they will find a soft and cozy piece of fabric wrapped around them.

The towels should be made out of a breathable material, which will provide the customers with a pleasant experience, and it will be easy for you to maintain them. Be sure to buy bleach-safe sheets to avoid any damages when washing and drying.

Massage Towels

Every massage therapy takes couple of towels and sheets for each person and that is why massage centers require comfortable and durable massage towels to run their business successfully. Each massage session takes around four to 6 towels for places like head, shoulder, legs, knees etc. We provide top-quality towels for massage that are created specially for providing comfort and absorbing high amount of sweating.

Bath Towels

The next essential towel that should be on your list is spa bath towels. The services vary from spa to spa. Some spas offer more services, and some offer only limited services depending on the size and space of the salon. No matter how many services you offer, it is important to keep spa bath towels in your spa. The customer would need a spa bath towels to dry off a body treatment, or they might need it to need to go to another service. Whatever the case may be, spa bath towels should be readily available in tip-top condition at your massage salon to avoid any customer dissatisfaction.

Small Towels

We have covered the large towels and the table sheets; now, we will move on to the small-sized towels. These towels can range from the size of the spa hand towels to the spa face towel. Spa hand towels mainly serve the purpose of cleaning or drying off the hands or wiping the face dry after a nice facial. It is important to have good quality spa hand towels, and they should be made out of pure cotton for this purpose.

The towel should give off a good feeling when it is snuggled on to the face, and they should make the hands and feel refreshed and breathable after manicure or pedicure. Another reason to keep small-sized spa hand towels at your salon is for housekeeping purposes. You would regularly need to wipe off the counter keep them shining. It is recommended that you utilize microfiber towels for this purpose.

Size of a Spa Towel

As we have discussed earlier that we need different types of towels to cater to various functions at a spa. Be it a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, or housekeeping; you will need to keep a specific set of spa towels wholesale for their respective process.

The requirement of different spa wholesale towels means that you will need wholesale spa towels of various sizes. There Is no one size to a spa towel. They come in different sizes depending on the services you offer and as per your customers need to give them a satisfactory and pleasant experience. We have listed the dimensions of the most commonly used wholesale spa towels:

What are the sizes of Spa Towels?

Towel Depot offer’s many different spa towels, in the following sizes

Bath Towels are available in many different sizes, 100% cotton construction ring spun to give that luxurious and soft touch.

27 in x 54 in
24 in x 50 in
24 in x 48 in
22 in x 44 in
20 in x 40 in

Washcloths among the smallest towel in the towel family mainly use for hot facial & in size 13 x 13 inches.

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How Many Towels Do You Essentially Need In Your Spa?

The question itself is very broad. You need loads of towels at your spa. The more services you offer, the more towels you need to run your salon. So, we will narrow down this question to how many do you need per client? Again, it all depends on the services you offer.

To demonstrate how this work, let us assume that you offer the following services:

  • Massage
  • Facial
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure

You offer four services currently; therefore, you will need four towels per customer. One Spa bath towels for the massage, one spa hand towels for the facial, and two hands towels for the manicure and pedicure service.

In addition to that, you will need sheets for the massage table and towels to clean your workspace. So, in total, you will need six linens to complete the basic requirement per customer.

However, as a general rule of thumb, to be on the safer side, you need to keep more luxury spa towels than the required stock to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. Hence, it would be a more suitable option to buy your towels in bulk. It will be cheaper for you, and the availability of the towels in your salon would be an effective tool to increase customer satisfaction.

How To Care For Your Towels?

To take care of your spa towels bulk is to take care of your business. It would be best if you cared for your towels so that they last longer and to keep them fresh, soft, and clean.

The towels at your spa have to be washed after every use, and in case if they have been lying around for a while, you need to wash the towels before use.

However, this does not mean that you over-wash your towels. Excessively washing your towels could cause them to wear off and reduce its lifecycle. So here are a few tips on how to take care of your spa towels to make them last longer

  • A pro-tip is to read the manufacturer’s note before starting the laundry. They come along with very handy information, such as the material of the fabric, the temperature they need to be washed in, and whether it is bleach-safe or not.
  • Do not use fabric softeners. Although fabric softeners make a towel soft, they lose their absorbency when used on towels. Softeners also damage white spa towels by leaving their residue on the surface area of the towels.
  • When washing white spa towels, wash towels only. Do not wash towels with other articles of clothing, and only wash the same type of towels together. The best spa towels should also be of the same color to avoid any decolorization or a transfer of color from light to dark.
  • Wash the towels using the right temperature settings. The right temperature will maintain the color of the towel for extended periods.
  • Try to dry your towels outdoors. This helps to keep the towels fresh and soft. Using the machine dryer is bound to cause pilling on towels, which hardens the texture of the towel overtime.
  • To remove any stains, use bleach. However, make sure that you are using bleach-safe towels for this purpose, else the bleach will discolor and damage the towels.
  • A final tip. Fold your towels after they have dried and store them properly with care. If you fold towels when they are wet, it will cause mildew and leave a pungent smell from the towels.

When To Replace Your Salon Towels?

If you take care of your towels properly, they will last for a year, a maximum of two years.  Over time, with regular washing, the towels tend to wear out and lose their absorbency; they look old as well. You cannot avoid this phase. It is an omen that it is a high time you should change your towels.

You might as well notice an odd smell coming off from your towels; it is mostly due to improper storage of towels. This can be dealt with proper drying of the towel and store it in a dry place.  However, if you still notice an odd coming off your towels, it is time to replace them.

Message To Take Home

If you are planning to run a salon or a spa that has a high customer rating, then all the above information will be very useful for you. Mark the words that people rate your services only when their overall experience is pleasant.

Believe it or not, towels do make a difference when it comes to the customers that are extremely observant about minor details.

Some customers might be very happy with the product you use at your salon or spa and the services you provide. But, it is the observing committee that will damage your reputation.

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