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The trend has changed when it now comes to work and life balance. People take a granted break from their hectic routine and freshen up their souls and mind. It can be a mini vacation or just a three-day stay at a farm nearby. Things to remember before departing from our hometown are many, and one of them is the thought of ease and comfort at the lodge or a hotel where we have planned to stay.

As an ideal host for bed and breakfast, also referred to as BnB, or Air Bnb you would want your guests to be as comfortable. This can only happen if their stay has been pleasant enough for them to come again and enjoy your services. Tiny details matter when it comes to Air BnB. One of the important things that you need to keep in mind is to provide them with lush and absorbent towels. How can you make this happen; a common question that arises here is what type of towels and how many should be offered to your guests. Carefully planning this can create an overall excellent experience for your guests.

Let’s start by answering ; What type of towels, should you use, at bed and breakfast. If you want your guests to experience luxury coupled with joy, there is no other answer than to keep a linen based collection for your guests. Such a selection will make your guests value your devotion and commitment to your hospitality.

There are many types of towels, each having their purpose. Starting with essentials, the first type of towel to be offered to your guest would be a soft bath towel, after a warm or a cold shower depending on the weather, your guests’ needs to dry off and relax which would be unmanageable without a bath towel. In order to create a good experience for your guests, keep the towels ready for them to use after they check in to your B&B.

As a host, you should expect guests of different personalities and preferences. One size cannot fit all. A set of towels having different standard sizes will do the job. One of the informal rules of hospitality is bigger the towel size, the better it is. Guests might not use the bath towel and may opt for the other dimension, so it is better if they are already available in their rooms.

To give a standardized look to your place, you can offer them white towels and then add colors to other linen offerings beside bath towels. You can create a tremendous home-like feeling by providing colored towels to your guest. This adds class to your offerings. You don’t need to offer the whole palette of colors, but some basics whites and greys and maybe hues of blue will work out just fine.

One of the tips to highlight your services can be a website. Make sure that your reviews are positive, and your website mentions the availability of towels. Your visitors will not worry about getting their pack of towels in their luggage. Having a variety of towels at bed and breakfast will make your visitors leave a positive comment on your social media sites. This will leave a good impression to the people about to visit, and your B&B will become a recommendation for many.

Bed And Breakfast Towels

Versatile Hand Towels

Some hosts do not overthink about other types of towels such as hand towels, but for guests, hand towels are convenient, and it creates a sense of under service if such linen is left out of the offerings. Instead of using bath towels after every wash, these hand towels can be used to dry their hands or face. The benefits of these towels are not one-sided; they benefit host providers, as well as save on cleaning expenses, i.e., they take little water to clean and dry quickly.


There is a wide variety of hand towel sizes that you can choose to keep at your bed and breakfast. Some sizes are 15 x 25, 16 x 25, 16 x 27 or 16 x 28 (all sizes are in inches). It is strongly suggested not to go for the smallest. Match the size of the towel by the size of the bathroom. A smaller size is suitable for a smaller bathroom; it gives it a befitting look to the overall space. 

Hand towels are gentle on your skin, so you don’t have to worry about any rash or redness that can cause on your skin. Hand towels also dry very fast when hung on a towel rack. Super absorbent, these towels are handy and easy to use. They can be used more than once, which is also good for the environment.

For hand towels, one or two for each bathroom will be sufficient to meet most of the guests needs. If there are multiple people in one room, an extra can hand towel will be enough for the room. Hand towels are easily shared, even at homes, unlike bath towels, where people keep one towel for each personal use and don’t share them.

Another great benefit of adding this in your towel range is you can add colors to it; hand towels can be matched with shades of the room, bed sheet, or pair them with your logo. A distinct even a customized color can be added to these towels; color selection can be based on what feeling you want to deliver to your guests when they get ready in the morning or going to bed at the end of the day. There are so many colors to choose from or you can use colors that have already been tried and tested to deliver certain feelings to its users; for example, blue shade creates a sense of calmness, beige for coziness, yellow for exciting, burgundy for luxuriousness. There is always an option of white. White can fit in any color combination; it gives a clean look to your bathroom.

What else can be added to your Bed and Breakfast towel range?

Character embedded or embroidered towel is not ordinary neither necessary, but if they are offered they surely add a charming touch to your style and shows professionalism. This can help in your branding activities besides adding a luxury feel to your bed and breakfast. Few things to remember when opting for embroidery or designing your towel are the design and the color. Design can have a logo of your bed and breakfast, or you can also go for initials of your brand. Some B&B also offer their branded towels for sale. Your vacationers can purchase these towels from the lodge and take them home. Your branding will be noticed by everyone who will use that towel. 

Always have some extra towels in stock.

When planning how many towels to keep at your bed and breakfast, remember, if there are only a few, your guests may need the feel to ration them whereas if they are too many, it may clutter the whole space. Clutter effect will magnify if there are logos on it as well. It will feel like there is too much marketing to your guests. So we need to have a perfect balance of towels for our guests. Adding too many towels will also increase your laundry and in return cleaning expenses.

Vacationers might feel that the given set of towels need to be changed, or maybe the one they used got dirty, so keeping some in the inventory ready for the guests should always be taken as a proactive task.

Bath Towels

For bath towels we should have at least one or two bath towels per guest.  Bath towels are more substantial, big enough to cover your whole body. You can quickly dry off after a long steamy shower. Many people like to stay in their bath towels and sit in the balcony with coffee or any other beverage for a relaxing experience. Make sure that these towels are properly cleaned because these towels are use the most by the guests in bed and breakfast. They are absorbent and plushy.


The number of towels can be prearranged in your guest house rooms based on guests booking in advance. This will not only make them feel that the management was prepared for their arrival but will also give them a homely effect in your bed and breakfast. Preparing beforehand for these little things go a long way.

Washcloths in your Bed and Breakfast

If you change sheets of the guest rooms everyday then one washcloth is enough per guest, it is a good start. Some of the guests’ may require or request for more than one washcloth, especially if they use one washcloth for their face and wants the other one for their hair. It is best to use separate washcloths because we all know that your face is a sensitive area and we do not ant grime to be left there. These towels are smaller than hand towels. 

Ensure there are sufficient towels per each guest that shows that you are anticipating their needs. Besides spending so much time in planning for towels for washing and cleaning make sure that there are other items that too should be taken care of like bath mats or rugs. This will create a wholesome experience for your guests.

How to display towels for vacationers at your bed and breakfast?

Towels beside their original purpose of cleaning or drying can also be used as a decoration element for your bathroom. Displaying them in your bathroom gives a signal to your guests that you keep your linen clean. Their placement and arrangement can also increase your guest experience. Make your guest feel more welcome by packing your lush towels or elegantly drape them. This can be done using the following ways

Adding a towel bar, towel bar can be used to display your towels in layers. Layers can be added by using a bath towel as a first layer, then adding washcloths and hand towels or other small towels if any. Make sure that the towels in the bar are placed at the right place, near a shower or a tub.

You can add a luxury touch by adding a warming towel rack; what else a guest would want than wrapping themselves in a warm towel after a shower or a bath. Display towels on a separate rack and have a warming rack installed separately for guests to use on their own will. These warming racks can be used as a drying device as it can allow guests to dry towels quickly if they would like to reuse them.

There should be a hook placed in your guest room bathroom as well as it is the most convenient spot to hang or remove the towels. These can be used by guests to hang the towels if they wish to reuse them later. Make sure they are strong enough to hold the weight of towels wet or dry. 

Near the sink, there should be a towel ring as well. These are usually used for hand towels. They should be placed for convenience accessibility right after washing. You can keep a layer of hand towel and washcloth on the towel ring for guests when they first check-in, so they know that everything is fresh and clean ready for them for use.

In case there is no room to install a hook or a towel ring in your bathroom, you can use basket or shelves to hold or display towels for the guests. You can display a towel in the rolled form to give it a spa look or fold them as a stack.

How to maintain towels for bed and breakfast?

A perfect getaway is what you are offering to your guests at your bed and breakfast you should provide your guests towels that are fresh and hygienic to complete their experience. The best way by which you can ensure that your towels are fresh and hygienic is to check the tags on these towels for taking proper care of them while cleaning or drying. Do no use too much detergent on the towels. Make sure it satisfies all safety requirements as some guests may be allergic to a particular type of chemicals. Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets while cleaning linen

Proper maintenance to ensure that linen serves their desired life; a key component is to wash it at the right temperature while setting temperature makes sure to read the label on your linens. You can use warm water for the first few washes for both white and colored, after the first few washes, you can keep on using warm water for colored linen. You can use hot water for white ones or light-colored linens. Hot water will keep its texture alive and bright.

Hot water for washes means less usage or no usage of bleach on your towels. Bleach should only be used if there are stains that cannot be removed by standard processes. Cold water for cleaning can be used for decorative or towels, which are delicate. Towels that have embroidery on them or contain logos are best to wash in cold water. If they are more stained, then there is no other option then to use warm water.

For drying the towels see the heat setting as a higher heat setting will ruin the fabric. Designed or embroidered towels can be dried in a more relaxed setting. Higher heat setting can damage the weaving or fade out the logos on the towels giving them an old and worn outlook.

Before folding the towels, make sure they are scorched. Wrapping a moist towel can create a musty smell of water and detergent, which your guests will not enjoy.

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