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If you run a business, such as a spa, lodging facility, beauty parlor, or a hotel, you already understand the significant role that bath towels play in meeting various needs at your workplace. What you probably haven’t appreciated is the fact that for a business of this nature to flourish, you require a consistent supply of bath towels.

But bath towels don’t come cheap, especially if you buy them in pieces. That underscores the importance of investing in wholesale bath towels. Having a stockpile of bath towels will eliminate downtimes. It’s an excellent way of ensuring that there are always enough towels to go around even when you have washed some and are waiting for them to dry. And not only that, but you also deserve towels that are made of premium quality material, as well as those whose prices are relatively affordable.

But let’s face it; finding high-quality bath towels at rates below the market averages is no walk in the park. You need a reliable supplier who offers a broad assortment of towels to suit the particular needs of your business. And that’s where we come in.

At Towel Depot, we pride ourselves in offering economy bath towels that are designed in robust material to ensure they serve you for years on end. Read on to uncover why you should consider investing in bath towels from Towel Depot.

Types of Bath Towels

Bath towels come in three main categories. These include;

1.   High-end Towels

As the name suggests, these are bath towels that are designed for businesses where comfort and luxury override everything else. Examples are luxury salons, beauty parlors, and luxury hotels.

High-end bath towels also refer to our resort bath towels are the highest-quality towels you can ever find. The towels are characterized by their softness and fluffiness, which makes them ideal for people with sensitive skin. High-end bath towels also feature luxurious designs in terms of stitching and border.

And needless to mention, these towels are the most expensive of all the various bath towel categories out there.

2.   Middle-of-the-Road Towels

Some of the main qualities that most shoppers consider while shopping for a bath towel include durability, washability, aesthetic appeal, and affordability. If you’re looking for a wholesale motel bath towel that comes with a balance of these features, your best bet is to go for towels that fall within the middle-of-the-road category.

Everything about these towels is modest, from their quality to their price, durability etc. And like high-end bath towels, middle-of-the-road towels also come in a broad range of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs.

3.   Economy Towels

Economy wholesale bath towels are the most recommended for situations where you require a large number of towels but it’s impractical to stock towels of extremely high-end quality. As you may have guessed, these are the ideal towels for your spa or hotel business.

The primary selling point of economy bath towels is their remarkable affordability, relative to their high-end and middle-of-the-road counterparts. Most people prefer these towels for their efficient functionality.

But though they’re relatively inexpensive, economy towels are still presentable enough to guests who are craving a touch of luxury.

Besides the above three towel groups, there are many others that fall in between. Whichever category of bath towel you prefer depends on the nature of your business.

Bath Towels For Your Business

Benefits of Economy Bath Towels

     i.         They’re Easy on Your Wallet

The main reason for investing in economy towels is that, as the name suggests, these towels are the most economical of all the bath towel categories.

The price of an economy bath towel can be up to 5 times less than that of a high-end towel. Therefore, these towels are the most preferred option for businesses that require large supply of bath towels.

    ii.         They’re Washable

Besides affordability, another quality that makes economy bath towels outstanding is their remarkable washability. It’s only logical that if your business requires a high number of bath towels, it also means that those towels will often be put to regular use. As such, you deserve bath towels that are designed in materials that make them machine-washable. And that’s exactly what you get with economy bath towels.

Apart from standing up to heavy usage and frequent washes, these towels also dry up much faster. That ensures your business will never come to a standstill each time you take your bath towels to the laundry.

  iii.         You Get Variety

Variety is the spice of life, and no one understands this glorious sentiment than a businessperson. Customers, be they spa guests or hotel patrons, have their individual tastes and preferences. These preferences cut across every aspect of a bath towel, from shapes and sizes to color schemes and designs.

Some of your clients will prefer brightly-colored bath towels while others will favor towels of darker shades. You’ll also come across guests with different design preferences, from plain to sophisticated towel patterns.

It’s reassuring to know that we offer a variety of economy towels to suit the personal needs of your customers. Our towels also come in different shapes and sizes, from washcloths to hand towels and bath towels.

  iv. Economy Towels Are Readily Available

By now, you must have already understood the importance of purchasing bath towels in bulk. But of all the three bath towel categories we highlighted above, economy bath towels happen to be the most available for bulk purchases. The other two categories are known for being cost-inhibitive, which makes them only available for piecemeal purchases.

Having been in the industry long enough, we have studied the shopping trends of our customers and observed a strong inclination towards economy bath towels. So, no matter how many pieces of economy bath towels you order, Towel Depot will always have it in stock and ready for shipment.

    v.         They’re Customizable

Customizing a bath towel is an ingenious way of adding a personal touch to the towel. It’s also a way of promoting your brand.

At Towel Depot, we offer customized embroidery options, which enable our customers to personalize their bath towels. You can add the initials of your name, your company logo, or a custom text without worrying about compromising the quality of the towel.

Where Can I Buy Bulk Bath Towels?

In this digital age, it makes sense to do most of your shopping online. And that’s especially true if you’re looking for economy bath towels. Why? Because you’ll typically be ordering them in bulk.

The main reason why you should consider shopping for bulk bath towels online is that it’s easier to determine their availability. All you have to do is log into a company’s online retail outlet and sample their offers. As you check out the towels, you’ll always find them tagged in terms of their availability status. These range from Available to Limited Availability, Currently Unavailable, Coming Soon, etc. That convenience makes shopping for wholesale bath towels online more attractive than purchasing them from physical stores. Most brick-and-mortar towel retailers sell their bath towels separately. Not to mention the hassles of visiting a store in person, only to find that it doesn’t stock the kind of bath towels you’re looking for.

Another reason that makes shopping for wholesale economy bath towels online more desirable is the ease of delivery. Remember that as you’re ordering the towels in bulk, you deserve a supplier that will ensure the towels get to your premises. Some physical stores offer delivery services but at a hefty fee. Most of them don’t offer the service at all, regardless of the value of your purchase. Thankfully, online retailers understand that shipping is a critical consideration that many online shoppers look for. Therefore, these retailers usually make provisions for that. All you have to do is indicate your address of choice and sit back as you wait for the merchandise to be shipped to you. The best part is – most online bath towel retailers offer free shipping or charge a negligible delivery fee.

At Towel Depot, you can shop for economy bath towels from the comfort of your home or office. It’s as easy as sampling our broad collection of towels, placing your order and indicating your shipping address, paying through our secure online payment methods, and then we take it up from there.

Do We Skimp On Quality?

It’s the nature of most shoppers to associate affordability with deplorable quality. Therefore, it’s not unusual that you may be anxious about settling for cheap-quality bath towels in the name of saving some extra bucks.

However, you don’t need to fret, as Towel Depot only deals in economy bath towels that are made of high-quality materials. The fact that we charge significantly lower than our competitors doesn’t imply that our economy bulk towels are of lesser quality.

At Towel Depot, we have a self-denying commitment to service delivery. Unlike many bath towel retailers you’ll encounter out there, we don’t place so much premium on the profit motive. We fully understand that your business deserves the best, and that’s what we guarantee when you purchase economy bath towels from us wholesale. The towels are tough and are designed to hold up to several months of heavy use and extensive washing.

We also understand that just like us, you also care about creating a great impression with your customers. So, while our economy bath towels pale in comparison to high-end towels in terms of weight and fluffiness, they’re still soft enough to offer a comfortable and luxurious feel. Besides, the towels are highly absorbent, which makes them easier to use for long hours before getting soaked up. The towels may cost considerably lower than their high-end and middle-of-the-road counterparts, but we still don’t sacrifice their quality.

Economy bath towels by Towel Depot not only deliver on their main selling point – functionality, but they also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, color hues, and patterns. As we mentioned earlier, that is crucial in meeting the specific needs of your guests.

Do you run a hotel, spa, or a beauty salon? Not to worry. Take advantage of our wide assortment of incredibly affordable, highly durable, and remarkably absorbent economy bath towels. It will only be a matter of time before your first-time clients turn to regulars.

Perhaps, you may be wondering why we sell our economy towels below industry rates and still stay in business. The reason is that we offer the towels in wholesale. When you buy economy bath towels in bulk, the price of a single towel can be down to half as much as the towel would cost if you purchased it separately. You can now understand why we encourage our customers to insist on buying economy towels wholesale.

Common Areas Where You Can Use Economy Bath Towels

Have you decided to purchase economy bath towels from Towel Depot but aren’t unsure where to use them?

The following are some of the places where these towels are useful;

1)   Schools

Schools are some of the places where bath towels are highly resourceful. But if you own or run a school, you must have realized that kids aren’t exactly gentle with towels.

That makes it illogical to supply towels that are designed for luxurious settings like a spa, and more reasonable to go for economy bath towels. 

2)   Gyms

While towels are a necessary asset for any gym, it’s almost impossible to find a gym that stocks luxury towels.

Remember that the main factor to consider when shopping for gym towels is absorbency, as opposed to ultra-softness or fluffiness. That makes a gym another place where economy bath towels could be highly useful.

3)   Clinics

Like a gym and a school, the kinds of towels required in a clinic are those that are more functional than they are stylish.

And depending on how busy a clinic is, the towels used in the facility are normally subjected to heavy use and frequent washes. And economy bath towels aptly fit that description.

4)   Vets

Much as we so love our furry, little friends, it would be unreasonable to demand that they be treated with the softest and most fluffy towels during veterinary checkups. That’s for the reason that these animals are never gentle on our towels either.

If you’re a vet, it makes sense to buy bulk economy bath towels for use during your pet examination and treatment procedures. That way, you can wash each towel after use, and you won’t have to waste time waiting for it to dry up.

What if you don’t own any of the businesses we’ve highlighted above? You don’t need to worry. How you answer the following questions will determine whether you need economical bath towels or not.

  • Do you use your towels for heavy-duty? – Examine whether your towels undergo hours of rough handling and treatment every day. For instance, do you use them to wipe down the rough edges of your equipment or clean paint spills from the floor? If the towel undergoes this kind of treatment, your best bet is to invest in economy bath towels.
  • Do your towels need frequent replacement? – If your patrons use the towels often enough that you find yourself constantly replacing them, then you’re another perfect candidate for economy bath towels.
  • Do you operate a non-luxury business? – Lastly, economy bath towels will be ideal for you if you run a business where luxury isn’t an overriding consideration. For instance, in a clinic, all you care about is the hygienic condition of your clients, not their comfort.


Shop for Economy Towels in Bulk at Towel Depot

At Towel Depot, we take pride in informing our clients about the nitty-gritty of bath towels. That’s why we prepared this detailed guide to enable you to understand the significance of bath towels for your business.

Feel free to browse our vast collection of economy bath towels, and remember to contact us to place your order or if you have any questions.

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