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Automotive Shop Rags?

Why Automotive Shop Rags

What are Shop Rags?

While many people believe that automotive shop rags are the cheap remains of old shirts or towels. The truth is that proper shop rags are built to last and provide the kind of durability needed at gas stations, garages, oil change specialists and auto repair centers.

However, shop rags are also used in many places that involve manufacturing, maintenance or repair work, particularly on items that use substantial amounts of oil or grease. For your business chain, having a large supply of shop rags is essential in keeping the hands and the shop area clean so that business can be performed.

Automotive Shop Rags

This is why having a mechanic shop rags from a respected wholesale manufacturer can really make the difference for your needs. What is the Mechanic Shop Rags? Basically, they are similar in size to hand towels, usually at 14” x 14” or even larger such as 18” x 18”.

They are usually square and fashioned from highly durable materials that are not so much created to be comfortable as they are to pick up the oil, grease, dirt, debris, and grit that are found around auto repair shops.

A standard towel or rag from an old shirt does not last very long when used in a mechanic’s shop. These types of materials simply cannot hold up to the amount of work that they will do even over a short period of time. Plus, they are not designed for the oil or grease present that will quickly render the fibers in the materials useless rather quickly.

A proper shop rag is crafted from heartier fibers that are denser so that it can absorb the oil, grease, and debris while also being rather easy to clean as well. However, shop rags can do more than just clean as they are a part of your business.

How Shop Rags Work for Your Business If you run a repair shop or have a line of oil change businesses for example, then the mechanic shop rag is one of the items that most customers will see.

They are usually carried around by the technicians while doing their work. This means that you can order rags in the colors that best suit your business. So, if you incorporate red for example in your company’s logo or building, you can have red shop rags around your company that reinforces what you do to the public. In many cases, they can be dyed to the color that you want to best reflect your business brand.

For automotive shops and just as importantly, for retail businesses that supply such shops with many of their accessories, having on order rags of a particular color will create a stronger tie to these businesses as the shop creates a stronger tie to their customers as well.

At Towel Depot, you can find a good selection of automotive shop rags that offer the best combination of durability, absorbency and cleaning capacity.

These are the type of rags that will help improve the efficiency of your business. Plus, they are available at very low, affordable prices when purchased from us.

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