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A Guide To Washing And Storing Winter Linens

Washing & Storing Linens

Even though everyone likes it when it is bright and sunny outside and life picks up the pace it lost before winters came, no one wants to do the tedious job of storing winter linens.

If folding up blankets and comforters was the only thing needed for storing winter linens, anyone could have done it. But the job you inevitably sign up for is far more meticulous than this.

Since most people don’t wash their winter linen during the season and yet use them every single day, it is only natural that they badly need a wash at least before being stacked up for next winters. It is not only unpleasant to sniff the odor when you unpack unwashed linens the next time, it is also highly unhygienic.

Here is a guide for how to best store bedding and bath linens.

Winter Laundry

Even though it may seem like a handful of work, it is extremely important to launder your linens before storing them in your closet. This is crucial because even though the eye can’t see, with time a lot of dead skin, body oils, bacteria and grime accumulate over it.

Therefore it is important to put the bed sheets in the washer with mild quantities of detergent and cold water. This is because excessive detergent is hard to rinse out and leaves a buildup in the sheets making them stiff and harmful for the skin.

Hot water is not recommended because it is detrimental to the quality of fiber which degrades over time.

Since blankets and comforters are heavier and more difficult to wash, they can either be given to reliable laundry services or washed in a Laundromat.

Drying Time

Not only is it important to wash winter linens but also give them their due drying time. Since winter linens are heavier and thicker, they also take a long time to fully dry.

But there shouldn’t be any compromises made on the drying because even a bit of moisture can lead to the development of mold and mildew. Someone who has suffered from a mold attack can tell how big of a nuisance it is to get rid of.

When loading your dryer with wet laundry, it is better to not overfill it because that doesn’t give each piece enough spin to dry completely. It is always better to dry them on a clothing line in the open because it fully airs out the linen and dries completely.

Cleaning Storage Space

All your efforts can go to waste if you put freshly washed and dried laundry in a dirty area. This is why it is important to wipe clean your closet or storage with a cleaner or vinegar and water solution and let it dry.

Quite often linens stored in a closed space for long develop odors. In order to prevent that from happening it is suggested that baking soda is placed at the corners of the storage space because it helps absorb moisture and smell.

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