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3 Tips for Buying Wholesale Towels for Your Business

3 Tips for Buying Wholesale

Towels are that common household item that even businesses (restaurants, salons/spas, car repair shops) use to make their day just a little bit easier and cleaner. 

Buy and use towels fairly regularly for your local eatery or barber shop? Have you thought about buying your towels in bulk? 

You just might have to, if not only for the sake of your budget, but your customer’s expectations! 

Buying the right towel for the job is essential; however finding the right towels for your business at the best wholesale rate can be a bit difficult. The following will help you achieve value for money when shopping for towels.

Buy Few Sample Pieces from Towel Wholesaler/Manufacturer

Something as simple and common as hand towels become a great amenity when used by a tired hotel guest, after a long day of travel and meetings. Remember, you are providing a service to your customers. You have to make sure everything is absolutely perfect, including the bath and hand towels.

Judging a towel’s quality by using the item is a good idea. Buy a few samples (if you are buying different towel types) or a single towel from the chosen wholesaler. Note down quality of the fabric, how long item was used for, and its applications.      

Learn About the Common Towel Materials before Buying

Towels, both hand and bath, are made from a variety of materials. You want to buy high quality and luxurious looking fabric towels for your high-end resort/spa business. Similarly, a slightly low quality but comfortable fabric will do well at your 2 star hotel inn.


Cotton hand and bath towels are the most commonly used in the hospitality industry. Cotton itself is a white, fluffy and downy fiber that grows all year round in warm climates. Majority of hand and bath towels are made from 100% cotton, while cotton/polyester blends are also popular.      


This type of towel is often manufactured with a metal ring embedded on a hole. This protects the fabric from fraying and tearing, as grommet towels can easily be hanged. 


This looped fabric offers the ability to absorb lots of moisture. In fact, the more moisture terrycloth towels can absorb, the longer the loops are made. Salons, spas, and gyms will do well to invest in this fabric for their towel dilemma. 


This fabric is plush and can be found in knitted form or woven. Velour fabric has amazing stretchable properties that depend on the type of knit. Additionally, the feel of this fabric is similar to velvet.   

Buy Towels according To Your Business’s Requirements

This is the most important consideration when buying hand or bath towels in bulk

Operate a small ad-making agency that has only 5 employees? Here you can easily invest in high-quality hand towels because you’d need few pieces in a month. On the other hand, buying hand and bath towels for your popular fitness gym business requires some extra care. 

You want good quality towels that have high longevity and sweat absorbing qualities.   Keeping your budget in mind with your business plan is important but not as much as your customers. Buying towels in bulk from a wholesaler will combine both interests easily! Buy all your towels for your salon business from The Towel Depot today!

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